Divine love

It seems the video voice was low 🙂 I am not very good at doing these things. Basically was saying I am at Manchester Airport, not sure why. It is cold even inside, and body beginning to feel tiredness. I am sitting now in arrival while everything is closed and no one except workers around.… Continue reading Divine love

Crystalline Civiliation, New Earth, vision

Gratitude Note, Newearth Abundance One

Dear Ones, This is our last post and interaction on this platform. Few weeks ago, due intensity of frequencies and movement between realities, on behalf of my Avatar, I Am consciousness came out of years of Solitude and Hermit journey to ask for support from the world and beings of light that somehow either follow… Continue reading Gratitude Note, Newearth Abundance One

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Unification Matrix Activation/NewEarth article

Currently we are in a wormhole passage between two or multi-realties, between two eclipses occurrence. The final alignment of soul blueprint , divine will and earth unification matrix. This is how we collectively birthing templates of Newearth vibrational reality in matter. We individually require to come fully align and attune to our soul blueprint and… Continue reading Unification Matrix Activation/NewEarth article