New Earth

Moment of recognition

Dear ones, Thank you for your presence and support to keep the body ( my avatar) safe and rested. I managed to book couple of more nights in this motel. Heart feels deepening into more love. Those three nights at Manchester Airport, feels like a long crossing in cold winter and high mountains of self… Continue reading Moment of recognition

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Activation of Unity Matrix / Truthwalking

Beloved readers, few words of gratitude, observation and a deeper level of Uinty Matrix embodiment of One in physical has began. Every cell in body of consciousness is vibrating the Truth and yet body ( my avatar) is crashed through extreme tiredness and exhaustion. Donations are welcomed. Love,light, gratitude Serena

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My Divine Story, final act I guess :)

Good morning faithful readers, The last few days, weeks and months without sharing with you, would be far more overwhelming.  I am still in tumble dryer of Divine purification and I admit, this morning after officially not slept for 0ver 76 hours, I wanted to scream, ache all over the body, carrying two suitcases each… Continue reading My Divine Story, final act I guess đź™‚