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2022 Year of Assembly – Embodiment of NewEarth Templates in Matter

As  final days in 2021 are on their count down, the vision of coming year 2022, is crystalizing in horizons of the ones with clear hearts, to recognise the fractional movement of divine will from formless into form ( physical reality). The assembly and embodiment of NewEarth templates across the planet. 2022 -2028 earthy time… Continue reading 2022 Year of Assembly – Embodiment of NewEarth Templates in Matter

Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, New Earth, vision

Final Sequence into NEWEarth 2022

Final Sequence before Assembly in 2022 – NEWEarth Articles Personal Message I would like to write this article as the keeper of this platform ( Seraphim Joy Foundation) as for some years now, these data and inspirational vision have been perceived by this humble avatar, Serena. This link will take you to my personal page… Continue reading Final Sequence into NEWEarth 2022

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Ascension Article – Nov 2021

Earth is home of dreams and magic of divinity. A sacred space for truth to flourish and beauty blooms. We are chosen residents of such a beautiful planet, with colourful aurora and majestic waterfalls that connect us to light and water of heaven, this unstoppable love that abundant our soil and birth our human bodies,… Continue reading Ascension Article – Nov 2021

Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, New Earth

Unity Matrix 2- NEWEarth Articles

The genius of the Creator is the underlying of our current transcendental sequences within Life Holographic Design on Earth and our galaxy. The strong waves of solar flare, Human Design upgrade of DNA, Earth electromagnetic transformation and upgrade, ascension of consciousness through vibration and dimensional realities all connected to an unseen Geometric blueprint that we… Continue reading Unity Matrix 2- NEWEarth Articles