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Heaven we are! Gratitude to All

Beloved readers, light family, Today, body still in turbulence of the weekend intense situation and not there is any clarity or possibility for the next few days, but somehow, it feels more space in the heart and frequency waves are bringing gift of newness in each breath. It is my intention to return to Turkey,… Continue reading Heaven we are! Gratitude to All

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NewEarth Quantum Jump , Mirror of Unconditional love

Dear ones, A major shift and transformation are taking place this week on our planet Earth.  It is major quantum shifts into Creation phase of NEWEARTH manifestation and new way of Abundance Flow to fuel the movement of Divine Will into Matter. This is the moments of Happening, what somehow we are been moving toward… Continue reading NewEarth Quantum Jump , Mirror of Unconditional love

Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, Master Builders, New Earth

Flowering Harvest of New Earth

October 2022 is a portal to higher consciousness where from zero point, heart centre manifestation are taking place to bring new structures, to infuse pure financial flow; sourced in neutrality from Divine Gold light Treasury. The activation codes began after 10/10 on a blank screen of all possibilities. Yet within each of us, there is… Continue reading Flowering Harvest of New Earth

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March 2022 Ascension portal, Enery update

We are the edge of a radical birth as Civilization and Earth future. The ending of years of retreat, reform, collective rejuvenation, purification after purification as all layers of Human-Self and Soul-lifetimes. Here, Now is the moment that we can demolish the ego barriers between what we assume for centuries as “ I am”and Be… Continue reading March 2022 Ascension portal, Enery update