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Dear Readers, The last two weeks have been intense, body of 57 years old, moving in and out of shelters, edge of street. By help of few kinder souls, gratefully it has passed so far, but now staying in streets and rain has become the experience. My soul is witnessing, wonder what this really means,… Continue reading Truthwalking

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Flowering Harvest of New Earth

October 2022 is a portal to higher consciousness where from zero point, heart centre manifestation are taking place to bring new structures, to infuse pure financial flow; sourced in neutrality from Divine Gold light Treasury. The activation codes began after 10/10 on a blank screen of all possibilities. Yet within each of us, there is… Continue reading Flowering Harvest of New Earth

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Frequency Update April 2022/ Rooting in Crystalline Heart

Frequency Update April 2022 Re-Rooting in Heart & expansion in horizontal Reality of NEWEarth From 1st April with the new moon, we have Stepped into Alchemy chamber/ Sweat lodge  of  the Higher Soul.  It is the womb of Mother Soul where consciousness is heated and compressed  as effect of outer reality flow, could be a… Continue reading Frequency Update April 2022/ Rooting in Crystalline Heart

New Earth, vision

The Holy Grail, August 2021 bringing…

Silent like water we cross memories of lifetimes of having a form, a body. A library of thoughts and feelings, endless emotional links to daily happenings. From eating ice cream in joy to endure pain of breaking apart. We are each a drop of consciousness, exploring our limitless in a light body journey. This jquest… Continue reading The Holy Grail, August 2021 bringing…