New Earth, vision

The Holy Grail, August 2021 bringing…

Silent like water we cross memories of lifetimes of having a form, a body. A library of thoughts and feelings, endless emotional links to daily happenings. From eating ice cream in joy to endure pain of breaking apart. We are each a drop of consciousness, exploring our limitless in a light body journey. This jquest… Continue reading The Holy Grail, August 2021 bringing…


Unity Matrix, Divine Light Organization

Unity Matrix – Divine Light Organization 2021 began with absolute new design, Carrying an underlaying of a new frequency design for New Earth and awaken soul communities in alignment with One Foundation, Oneness of All, Embodiment of the Source in time and space. In  our perceived reality as outer world, two different events is taking… Continue reading Unity Matrix, Divine Light Organization


Ascent One Equal ship 2021

Can you hear it? Can you sense the vibration of God’s wilderness in your heart? I am the lover’s gift, the memory of New Earth, birthing through tube of time. I am the last gift of Human program, the story of light and dark, polarity and duality, the living to the dead of Ego and… Continue reading Ascent One Equal ship 2021