Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, New Earth

Unity Matrix 2- NEWEarth Articles

The genius of the Creator is the underlying of our current transcendental sequences within Life Holographic Design on Earth and our galaxy. The strong waves of solar flare, Human Design upgrade of DNA, Earth electromagnetic transformation and upgrade, ascension of consciousness through vibration and dimensional realities all connected to an unseen Geometric blueprint that we… Continue reading Unity Matrix 2- NEWEarth Articles

Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, New Earth, vision

April 2021 Update, New Earth Templates, Divine will Magnet

Writing this article has been an inner process, to tap into blood and plasma molecules of body, soul New earth blueprint and interconnectivity of Cosmos, life on earth and beyond. In our collective ascension,  we( micro soul) discover new frequency band and way of being. In present,  every moment is a space potent to hold… Continue reading April 2021 Update, New Earth Templates, Divine will Magnet