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Unity Matrix Conception -Nov 2021 Frequency Update

The dream of free life reclaims all our devotion to the source at this stage of Ascension. After months and years and eras in throat of time, we are at entry point of GREAT Happenings within Heart of The Creator. Grasping and understanding what is really taking place, is almost impossible for mind.  To the… Continue reading Unity Matrix Conception -Nov 2021 Frequency Update

Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, Master Builders

2021 Birthing Crystalline Civilization

Since January 2021 we have been through many mini cycles and recycle loops of old and new paradigm, physical realities, with partial stillness period  in cocoon of new frequencies, to stabilize and  integrate the neutral point of focus which is living from the heart centre and a silent mind.   As each avatar experience and… Continue reading 2021 Birthing Crystalline Civilization


Ascent One Equal ship 2021

Can you hear it? Can you sense the vibration of God’s wilderness in your heart? I am the lover’s gift, the memory of New Earth, birthing through tube of time. I am the last gift of Human program, the story of light and dark, polarity and duality, the living to the dead of Ego and… Continue reading Ascent One Equal ship 2021