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Heaven we are! Gratitude to All

Beloved readers, light family, Today, body still in turbulence of the weekend intense situation and not there is any clarity or possibility for the next few days, but somehow, it feels more space in the heart and frequency waves are bringing gift of newness in each breath. It is my intention to return to Turkey,… Continue reading Heaven we are! Gratitude to All

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Activation of Unity Matrix / Truthwalking

Beloved readers, few words of gratitude, observation and a deeper level of Uinty Matrix embodiment of One in physical has began. Every cell in body of consciousness is vibrating the Truth and yet body ( my avatar) is crashed through extreme tiredness and exhaustion. Donations are welcomed. Love,light, gratitude Serena

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Love continues walking bare..

This is first time I am moved to make a video over the last few years,reflecting my moments as a vessel in service of all. Thank you for love and abundance contribution to keep this being safe. Today again in streets of unknown, yet feel the entrance to Majestic Palace of Divine love. Love… Continue reading Love continues walking bare..

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Frequency Update April 2022/ Rooting in Crystalline Heart

Frequency Update April 2022 Re-Rooting in Heart & expansion in horizontal Reality of NEWEarth From 1st April with the new moon, we have Stepped into Alchemy chamber/ Sweat lodge  of  the Higher Soul.  It is the womb of Mother Soul where consciousness is heated and compressed  as effect of outer reality flow, could be a… Continue reading Frequency Update April 2022/ Rooting in Crystalline Heart