Crystalline Civiliation, New Earth

Collective Ascension, Creation Phase begins in 2023

Last two months have brought so much vulnerability out, while we as collective were so certain our bullet proof consciousness! We each in our physical realities witness loops of frequency swings and some undesired experiences. Myself faced and still in process of momentary quantum jumps while nothing seems manifested as part of requirement for the… Continue reading Collective Ascension, Creation Phase begins in 2023

Crystalline Civiliation, Master Builders, New Earth

Crystalline heart activation, Abundance One

It has been few weeks of deep integration. This week we have arrived to completion of energy of wormhole began 25th September 2022.  As you know on personal level, the physical reality  has been through some turbulences due to deep integration and transcendence, appearing as  instability in housing and staying in one space. Thankfully I… Continue reading Crystalline heart activation, Abundance One

Crystalline Civiliation, New Earth, vision

Gratitude Note, Newearth Abundance One

Dear Ones, This is our last post and interaction on this platform. Few weeks ago, due intensity of frequencies and movement between realities, on behalf of my Avatar, I Am consciousness came out of years of Solitude and Hermit journey to ask for support from the world and beings of light that somehow either follow… Continue reading Gratitude Note, Newearth Abundance One

Frequency layout, New Earth, vision

March 2022 Ascension portal, Enery update

We are the edge of a radical birth as Civilization and Earth future. The ending of years of retreat, reform, collective rejuvenation, purification after purification as all layers of Human-Self and Soul-lifetimes. Here, Now is the moment that we can demolish the ego barriers between what we assume for centuries as “ I am”and Be… Continue reading March 2022 Ascension portal, Enery update