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Activation of Unity Matrix / Truthwalking

Beloved readers, few words of gratitude, observation and a deeper level of Uinty Matrix embodiment of One in physical has began. Every cell in body of consciousness is vibrating the Truth and yet body ( my avatar) is crashed through extreme tiredness and exhaustion. Donations are welcomed. Love,light, gratitude Serena

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Truth of Now, IAm embodiment, Dec 2022

December began with a major push to stand in one's heart and witness all that is taking place within and without. There is a deep delight of Oneness, Mind still might appear with opinion, judgement, bringing past experiences as example of continues of hardness, to seek safety and less authentic self vibration. We know better… Continue reading Truth of Now, IAm embodiment, Dec 2022

Master Builders, New Earth, vision

Unification Matrix Activation/NewEarth article

Currently we are in a wormhole passage between two or multi-realties, between two eclipses occurrence. The final alignment of soul blueprint , divine will and earth unification matrix. This is how we collectively birthing templates of Newearth vibrational reality in matter. We individually require to come fully align and attune to our soul blueprint and… Continue reading Unification Matrix Activation/NewEarth article