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Final Sequence into NEWEarth 2022

Final Sequence before Assembly in 2022 – NEWEarth Articles Personal Message I would like to write this article as the keeper of this platform ( Seraphim Joy Foundation) as for some years now, these data and inspirational vision have been perceived by this humble avatar, Serena. This link will take you to my personal page… Continue reading Final Sequence into NEWEarth 2022

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Light house projects / Deliverance of New Earth and Reality

Light house projects / Deliverance of New Earth and Reality New Earth is life manifestation through collective self -realisation.  It is a space free of concepts and supports unconditional Beingness. When we look through History of old civilization which currently we walk on their remains, unaware of  how gradually human species chained to limiting perceptions… Continue reading Light house projects / Deliverance of New Earth and Reality


Ascent One Equal ship 2021

Can you hear it? Can you sense the vibration of God’s wilderness in your heart? I am the lover’s gift, the memory of New Earth, birthing through tube of time. I am the last gift of Human program, the story of light and dark, polarity and duality, the living to the dead of Ego and… Continue reading Ascent One Equal ship 2021