Crystalline Civiliation, Master Builders, New Earth

NewEarth Birthed, Assembly Harmonica Template of 2022

NewEarth Birthed of Template One – Harmonica Template of 2022 General Outlook As the last days of January 2022 is coming to an end, something has shifted forever on  planet Earth, as well as humanity. Many sensitive  souls, awaken or not could have been sensing ” Homecoming” as a vibration in their hearts, echoing an… Continue reading NewEarth Birthed, Assembly Harmonica Template of 2022

Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, Master Builders

2021 Birthing Crystalline Civilization

Since January 2021 we have been through many mini cycles and recycle loops of old and new paradigm, physical realities, with partial stillness period  in cocoon of new frequencies, to stabilize and  integrate the neutral point of focus which is living from the heart centre and a silent mind.   As each avatar experience and… Continue reading 2021 Birthing Crystalline Civilization


Unity Matrix, Divine Light Organization

Unity Matrix – Divine Light Organization 2021 began with absolute new design, Carrying an underlaying of a new frequency design for New Earth and awaken soul communities in alignment with One Foundation, Oneness of All, Embodiment of the Source in time and space. In  our perceived reality as outer world, two different events is taking… Continue reading Unity Matrix, Divine Light Organization