New Earth

Moment of recognition

Dear ones, Thank you for your presence and support to keep the body ( my avatar) safe and rested. I managed to book couple of more nights in this motel. Heart feels deepening into more love. Those three nights at Manchester Airport, feels like a long crossing in cold winter and high mountains of self… Continue reading Moment of recognition

Forerunner, poetry

My Divine Story, final act I guess :)

Good morning faithful readers, The last few days, weeks and months without sharing with you, would be far more overwhelming.  I am still in tumble dryer of Divine purification and I admit, this morning after officially not slept for 0ver 76 hours, I wanted to scream, ache all over the body, carrying two suitcases each… Continue reading My Divine Story, final act I guess đź™‚

Master Builders, New Earth

Truth of Now, IAm embodiment, Dec 2022

December began with a major push to stand in one's heart and witness all that is taking place within and without. There is a deep delight of Oneness, Mind still might appear with opinion, judgement, bringing past experiences as example of continues of hardness, to seek safety and less authentic self vibration. We know better… Continue reading Truth of Now, IAm embodiment, Dec 2022

Crystalline Civiliation, New Earth

Collective Ascension, Creation Phase begins in 2023

Last two months have brought so much vulnerability out, while we as collective were so certain our bullet proof consciousness! We each in our physical realities witness loops of frequency swings and some undesired experiences. Myself faced and still in process of momentary quantum jumps while nothing seems manifested as part of requirement for the… Continue reading Collective Ascension, Creation Phase begins in 2023