New Earth

Moment of recognition

Dear ones, Thank you for your presence and support to keep the body ( my avatar) safe and rested. I managed to book couple of more nights in this motel. Heart feels deepening into more love. Those three nights at Manchester Airport, feels like a long crossing in cold winter and high mountains of self… Continue reading Moment of recognition

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Crystalline heart activation, Abundance One

It has been few weeks of deep integration. This week we have arrived to completion of energy of wormhole began 25th September 2022.  As you know on personal level, the physical reality  has been through some turbulences due to deep integration and transcendence, appearing as  instability in housing and staying in one space. Thankfully I… Continue reading Crystalline heart activation, Abundance One

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Unification Matrix Activation/NewEarth article

Currently we are in a wormhole passage between two or multi-realties, between two eclipses occurrence. The final alignment of soul blueprint , divine will and earth unification matrix. This is how we collectively birthing templates of Newearth vibrational reality in matter. We individually require to come fully align and attune to our soul blueprint and… Continue reading Unification Matrix Activation/NewEarth article

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Lens of Unity consciousness March 2022

In the beginning of March, the anchoring sense of a Galactical Light Portal  came through. Higher vibrational waves of creation and assembly of NEWEarth Templates within human avatars.  Seems as days goes by into centre of March, the blazing flame of  1.144 ,began burning away all untrue as universal waves moves us closer to neutralized… Continue reading Lens of Unity consciousness March 2022