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Activation of Unity Matrix / Truthwalking

Beloved readers, few words of gratitude, observation and a deeper level of Uinty Matrix embodiment of One in physical has began. Every cell in body of consciousness is vibrating the Truth and yet body ( my avatar) is crashed through extreme tiredness and exhaustion. Donations are welcomed. Love,light, gratitude Serena

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My Divine Story, final act I guess :)

Good morning faithful readers, The last few days, weeks and months without sharing with you, would be far more overwhelming.  I am still in tumble dryer of Divine purification and I admit, this morning after officially not slept for 0ver 76 hours, I wanted to scream, ache all over the body, carrying two suitcases each… Continue reading My Divine Story, final act I guess đź™‚

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Lens of Unity consciousness March 2022

In the beginning of March, the anchoring sense of a Galactical Light Portal  came through. Higher vibrational waves of creation and assembly of NEWEarth Templates within human avatars.  Seems as days goes by into centre of March, the blazing flame of  1.144 ,began burning away all untrue as universal waves moves us closer to neutralized… Continue reading Lens of Unity consciousness March 2022