Crystalline Civiliation, New Earth, vision

Gratitude Note, Newearth Abundance One

Dear Ones, This is our last post and interaction on this platform. Few weeks ago, due intensity of frequencies and movement between realities, on behalf of my Avatar, I Am consciousness came out of years of Solitude and Hermit journey to ask for support from the world and beings of light that somehow either follow… Continue reading Gratitude Note, Newearth Abundance One

Crystalline Civiliation, Forerunner, Master Builders

reborn of unity consciouesness

After few months finally it feels alignment allows to return to more writing and sharing as energy flows. Recap on April 2022 -Sept 2022 In April 2022,  just before the new moon, we have stepped into Alchemy chamber/ Sweat lodge  of  the Higher Soul. The process was an intense one collectively as well as individually.… Continue reading reborn of unity consciouesness

Crystalline Civiliation, Master Builders, New Earth, vision

LIGHT WORKFRAME in 2022/ Crystalline Civilization seeds plantation

LIGHT WORKFRAME in 2022/ Crystalline Civilization seeds plantation Last night as our planet moved through Sirius Gateway, the frequencies of Blue Rays Master builders charged to the highest band  of the Creator Self /Zero point of creation.  A reset in swing of pendulum of time, all old, and lower vibrational realities are removed from the… Continue reading LIGHT WORKFRAME in 2022/ Crystalline Civilization seeds plantation