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Unity Matrix 2- NEWEarth Articles

The genius of the Creator is the underlying of our current transcendental sequences within Life Holographic Design on Earth and our galaxy. The strong waves of solar flare, Human Design upgrade of DNA, Earth electromagnetic transformation and upgrade, ascension of consciousness through vibration and dimensional realities all connected to an unseen Geometric blueprint that we… Continue reading Unity Matrix 2- NEWEarth Articles

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Unity Matrix Conception -Nov 2021 Frequency Update

The dream of free life reclaims all our devotion to the source at this stage of Ascension. After months and years and eras in throat of time, we are at entry point of GREAT Happenings within Heart of The Creator. Grasping and understanding what is really taking place, is almost impossible for mind.  To the… Continue reading Unity Matrix Conception -Nov 2021 Frequency Update

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Harmonic Universal Sound, Heaven on Earth Reality -Sept -Oct 2021 Update

September brought the gift of final stabilization of Frequency of Heaven on Earth through Guardian  Host Avatars which currently holding the Unity Matrix Template Design within their Human Bodies. We are in first cycle of rebirth and restructure of Crystalline Civilization and all souls assigned to be part of this Transcended consciousness which we call… Continue reading Harmonic Universal Sound, Heaven on Earth Reality -Sept -Oct 2021 Update

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NewEarth Riddle…

September is the month of reconnection with heart... may these words lighten yours, in union with the Creator of all. ********************************** Ah my handsome lover, No one plays the strings of  my heart So magically, like you do. I wish all hearts knew you As I do! The disappeared one in your silent beauty. ***… Continue reading NewEarth Riddle…