New Earth Glossery

Divine Organization

Divine Organization is a PURFIED LIFE SYSTEM ( Awareness, Force), that timelessly restructure itself as a fractal of The Source.  Within this connectivity, many Universes and sub life systems created and  exist continuously  through cycles of merge, dissolve, renew to forge the template of Consciousness evolution.

Flow of  Awareness (formless part of Divine Organization)  into form perceive as Light ( life) which the entire cosmos Structure fabricated by its intelligence and is  the Space which contains  Universes, Galaxies, Planets and Light Sources within ( like our Solar System Sun).

Each universe is designed as a holographic  space (Emptiness, Womb) to hold boundless Light components, known as Soul. 

Each soul is designed through codes of Creation to enter to this womb,  and able to experience layers of Consciousness as a sub- life system (choose forming into physical) and then complete the cycle of her Light Existence as spectrum of frequency, light, collaboration within and without.  And it feels the design at her highest frequency of Light, naturally dissolves into the Source.

Also each universe  designed to shape a  Mirror following the same structures as Divine Organization  which perceive and project, birth and appear as physical realities, creates the world, so the soul/consciousness could perceive the play of duality and polarity until fully unified and stabilize to her original coding and frequency.

Our Planet Earth is designed in the most potent, fluid and flexible Geometric Intelligence Life Template within our Galaxy and Solar System to offer the most perfect  Mirror/ Illusion of the  World, so all souls that travel through this Universe have the opportunity to  experience, witness their flow as pure  consciousness. In Theology this is called Enlightenment. Self- Realization.

Earth Ascension

According to scientific records , Earth formed around 4.54 billion years ago, approximately one-third the age of Universe. While the earliest fossils of anatomically modern humans are from the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago.

For human mind, separation began by having a body while there is no division on Consciousness. Through Earth timelines, humans always seek to understand God/ the creation, the source of all. As Humanity began to evolve, religions and spiritual schools and practices shaped and birthed following groups and communities. In the beginning very few like Buddha reached to Self -Realizations  but as populations grow more and more human beings felt separation and their intention to know the unknowable in sense of God and the source, raised the frequency of their soul and that recognition assist the raise of collective consciousness.

Planet Earth also began to follow her own life system into unifying at higher frequency and what has been somehow unveiled or partially perceived as God through the collective Ascension of Human Bodies/ ( Holding the seed of Pure Consciousness)  and Gaia Soul of earth), suddenly unlocked the intensity of matter and souls collectively  began to vibrate to their original energy structure and Collective Ascension

Began which is a planetary/Galactic sub Design as part of Divine Organization  coming fully into Activation and will continue acceleration and offers datainformation/upgrade/replacement in form of vibration, frequency, energy shift to the planet and all livings.

Collective Ascension is Divine fluid structure in Life system, ( Collective Consciousness) a design planted in the flow of timeless Consciousness to renew and support  her life system.

All component of  this upgrade from star systems to Human Avatars are designed to collaborate at a highest octave of their soul frequency ( song of Creation). This renewal  is encoded with their associated consciousness level and as souls complete their cycle from separation to unity with the source, their frequency begins to stabilize in one bandwidth which shapes in form of Service to All and collaboration in  our planetary system.

By understanding the Source geometry coding in our soul, we play our human role in Divine organization which is birthing a new civilization to live peacefully and in harmony on Heaven on Earth  which is the highest frequency of Gaia.

This is an intertwined structured evolutionary growth within limitless  consciousness that Enlightened souls currently on Earth activated and entered collectively by accepting ( coming to Alignment with their  creation codes, stabilizing in frequency and embodiment of original energy life system of Divine organization).

The terms of Frequency, Dimensions, timelines, crystalline, Diamond sun, mothership, star systems, Light workers,  gatekeepers, grid work, Master builders, guardians, teachers, way showers

All carry frequency bands according to the role each soul has to play within Collective Ascension. Some plays a part in mirror of the world with masses, and other light beings, some work behind the veil of duality and work closer with formless divine organization  energy system to stabilize the frequency as well many other tasks and as the Consciousness raise higher, physical realities manifests and shapes first to build the Foundation of one and connect Divine organization templates, designs in a fluid structure  which follows timeless laws and carry the purest Intention and Strongest Force of Creation.

The restructure of Civilization is already began. The relocation of many Starseeds and Light workers since 2017, will continue up to 2020 across the earth. Also finding and merging in assigned tribes, communities and  Earth missions is speeding up, it is important to recognize that all Earth connections are Sacred and One and not taking place from the place of Separation and superiority, only allowing the inner template guide and attracts the right and aligned light family. Gentle steps are advised before any merge into energy of the Group, awareness to invisible frequencies are our guidance, it would create drama if after rejoin we recognize the tribe and work is not really feel OURS. All manifestations at this time need the seed energy of Source which always available through POWER of SOUL TEMPLATE.

Imagine an infinite WEB OF LIGHT, connected across Universe and not Just Earth, now as Awaken consciousness we surrender to flow that comes from within and Light of Intention and Force of Purity, We shapes Ethereal Pyramids which not just connects the portals of a new Earth, but also brings a higher frequency and connection to other Galaxies.

New Earth

New Earth is a world on Physical plane created and originated By PURE MONAD HARMONIC SOUND, (PURE  CONSCIUOESNESS) repeatedly renewing and emerging within unlimited geometry mind of God.

The Crystalline Hearts of AWAKEN Humans are ACTIVATED TRANSMUTER, HIGH ELECTROMAGNETIC DEVICES  shaping a  FLUID GEOMETRIC DESIGN that can carry the formless OCTAVES of this SOUND, in alignment and completion within HIGHER/PURE LIGHT FREGUENCY and waves of Vibration which divinely structured and orchestrated and AS WHAT IS.  AXIS MUNDI is the coordinating system in a constant restructure,  to link and provide requirement for our current Collective Ascension movement into PURE AWARENESS.

A noticeable Quantum rise in our Holographic model of Universe  to take place from 2008 which in our daily basis might appear as Higher Energy Waves from the Sun, and 12 DNA Activation at our Organismic state ( Human Body) which contains of Cellular and atomic subsystem. The organization principles of the Universe always follow From Above to Below, From Design to sub- design. OUR Collective Experience as Ascension is the variable spectrum of this event. 

This is a continues TRANSFORMATIVE  WAVES of OCEAN of CONSCIOUESNESS which harmonically but intensely moving US as ONE Orgasmic PART into a Neutral Space, birthing TIMELESS PURE AWAWNESS Experience, that for lifetimes and years are named and Understood as HEAVEN/ AND HIGHTER DIMENSIONS.

Truthfully, we do not know the reason behind this jump and Collective Ascension and as much as our human mind always wish to understand/label/ categories and conclude a happening, this HAPPENING is not Originated in matter to ever be understood fully in its subcategory of material and physical forms.

Therefore what we only can ACCEPT & SURRENDERING to WHAT IT IS, is our new framework which never experienced and used as a Collective Principles to INFLUNCE LIFE through PURE AWARENESS and GRACE.

Enlightenment is RECOGNITION of SELF in present, in Aquarius age this Happening is speeding up in Human Bodies are becoming LIGHT AVATARS to  form a NEW NESS in The Divine Organism, a new way of Creation and Collaboration between component of ONE SELF offering higher access to what so far we experienced as Divine Self in our physical realities. Ability of a PURE AWARENESS, THE WITNESS in Present moment is rooted in UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. Our science only began from 1950 to recognise the and unveil a very small part of THIS GEMOMETRIC LIFE SYSTEM Which is Created by the Source.

The next stage in our solar system and galaxies is a merge with unknown. Through ascension process, we have entered in a process system of upgrade and renewal to Original Codes of Creation and Purification that assist Humanity to evolve  faster ( in time) and more neutral way ( Harmonies Frequency band) until Collectively as a life system along with Gaia, become the FREQUENCY required by LIFE on  Earth to BE CONNECT, OPEN to Encounter more of  UNKNOWN, in complete peace and Unity.