Aquarius Age

Age of Aquarius, Divine Organisation & Foundation

The age of Aquarius is the beginning of Human/God Golden Age, a highly reformed and purified Space &Time in Divine Organism System to offer a reformed creation womb for the seeding of Pure Consciousness in all manifest and un- manifest stages.

The purpose of Earth collective ascension in NOW is to serve the evolution of all star systems and universes in timeless template of one Foundation.

ONE Foundation is a puried and neutralized platform/body/torus beyond veil of illusion and seperation. The fundemental life energy-flow Geometry design in universe as a mirror to Geometry undefined body of the Source/God. Our Human evolution is to see (witness) and understand the structure and dynamic of this universal geomatry (outer reality, the world of perception) mirroring the inner reality ( the Source) our Unified Self.

In January 2020, a new program/Light circuit/Stargate came fully active which directly feed the Birth of Divine Organisation on planet Earth in support with raise of Gaia Frequency, our solar system, Milky way, our Universe to enter Aquarius age in harmonious flow.

currently every living Soul on Earth is a micro existence of this new living Light System if they choose to. The inner codes either activated (awaken) or in the process of awakening and to come online as pure vessel. what no longer can support this planetary evolution will be recycled ( leave of oversouls from Earth/through human death).

What we are witnessing as happening across the earth is a small part of God Organism upgrade in form of life system, therefore a new organization/foundation shapes to birth new Civilization on Earth. Which follows Original State of Life system.

0- Purity 1- Totality 2- Equality 3- Neutrality 4- Balance 5- Harmony 6- peace 7-Beauty

Divine Organisation and foundation like the rest of cosmos follows a design and structure which replicate ( Micro & Macro) God Organism and as we witness, we also follow its programs and laws of One. At the level of planetary, life on Earth is crystalizing in frequency, micro and marco organism to move as One with Gaia and the rest of cosmos.

At the level of Human body/Soul, awaken souls ( have witness and experience One, self realization), after years of purification, activation finally coming together to shape different parts of Divine Organisation. 144 Monad souls are activated among them to be the codes bearer/ harmonic Frequencies holders of NewEarth/ Heaven on Earth design. They are recognised As Blue Ray Master Builders.

Through their heart frequency/ Diamond Sun Body they shape Avatar Station systems on Geographic Earth, linked with Earth electromagnetic fields. They are New Grids Activator of Light and abundance flow ( Land, water, Sun, Bridges and Gates, to keep it open and pure, maintain and expand its frequency as more and more of souls become awake.

Their avatar ascends the Light Templates from the Mother Stargate, Abundance codes into manifestation and create New Light Grids which some might still be on the Old Grid lines, (Sacred sites) but most of them will be anchored on New Locations, where Gaia frequency needs to neutralized into Zero and then begin as One Pure Pulse of Creation, so can anchor Light, CREATE NEW SACRED SITES, LIGHT STATIONS, HOUSES AND CITES.

Master Builders are the (Gemoetry template /souls) designed to be the bridges between the Source Creation Impulse and Physical Manifestation of Divine Organisation. (DIVINE WILL)

From 2020 onwards, they have a full access to see the bluepeint of New Earth and Civilization, while anchor their highest harmonic crystalline frequency on earth and stabilized their individual soul role in Creation phase of Divine Organisation.

It is unification of matter and form, become One Gravity/Magnet/Generator with the locations they are assigned to work with, and finally begin to shape the Master Builders Councils.

In coming years, awaken crews shape more steady as Galactic System teachers, Light Caravan, Gatekeepers, Gridworks, Earthkeeprs, Guardians, Ambassadors. Each gatergory have balanced and harmoneized at all frequency bands align with (their) Mother Soul.

Every awaken soul will stabilize in their highest Frequency, dominating Divine role, they might still be a consciousness shapeshifter and work with lower dimension, but their Frequency stays in one Song/Octave band and that is how universe links them,( find and meet each other) from 2020 onwards to physically create 5D Realities of New Earth and eventually witness the presence of Heaven on Earth.

In support of our Light Collaboration and its fast expansion, Light Stations and Residential spaces begin to shape, all part of Divine Organization and Foundation structure.Our abundance resources become more equal share of space, food, finance, time as move faster into DO creation phase.

While Divine Organization becoming more like Light Establishment and Organs, its foundation is more of a blood and flow of abundance to support equality and totality of the structure. The keep abundance codes pure and active.

Like any other Organisation, will be sections, operational system, maps and data, will be crews, locations and stations, but all work fully through inner alignment with the Creator of All/One.

Each awaken soul is responsible in their knowing which guides them momentary to how be a witness, active and dynamic and yet play natural and stay neutral from all outcomes.

While some work on front and with linear reality, others fully walk away from linear duties and presence and work behind identity and name to empower the leading frequency of Master Builders as Divine Will and then the entire template of New Earth goes Online, part by part, as One Organ/Section/Life System in Operational subsystem.

Divine Foundation is the blood that connects and supports all related components of NewEarth Templates, therefore its manifestation will be the first phase of Divine Organisation and it is the first part of Masterbuilders’ mission, to create, have their spaceship available and anchored as a station for group work and design of templates ( transmits frequency into a design plan for linear operation.)

As all is Divine, all always shapes in flow, light plasma is the nature of Divine Organization, like an ocean of light, each wave follows inner tides, highs and low have the same value in zero system of Creation.

There is no time, in heaven’s establishment, no force, no boss or leaders as such. This Level of creation could only comes from absolute freedom in the Heart, full devotion to The Source of All.

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