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UNity Matrix/ 2021 Outlook Podcast 2021 began with absolute new design, Carrying an underlaying of a new frequency design for New Earth and awaken soul communities in alignment with One Foundation, Oneness of All, Embodiment of the Source in time and space. In  our perceived reality as outer world, two different events is taking place. One is personal, Witness… Continue reading UNity Matrix/ 2021 Outlook Podcast

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New Earth Completion of Vibrational Bands 2021

Returning to the source is the book with many chapters, titles and even some white pages, always open for magic, surprises and acceleration of joy of Union. In the chapter of ascension, mind is still  and heart knows the way. Nevertheless, there is a deep tiredness from a long journey from the stars to Earth,… Continue reading New Earth Completion of Vibrational Bands 2021