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Ascension Article – Nov 2021

Earth is home of dreams and magic of divinity. A sacred space for truth to flourish and beauty blooms. We are chosen residents of such a beautiful planet, with colourful aurora and majestic waterfalls that connect us to light and water of heaven, this unstoppable love that abundant our soil and birth our human bodies,… Continue reading Ascension Article – Nov 2021

Crystalline Civiliation, Master Builders, New Earth

The Guardianship of NewEarth-Masterbuilders post

The guardianship of NewEarth After crossing the huge vibration of Lions gate at the beginning of the month,  we were carried with strong waves of divine will through a huge alchemical, transcendental process to become rady for what will come in coming months, especially in 2022. This year August became a galactical spiral bridge between… Continue reading The Guardianship of NewEarth-Masterbuilders post

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Energy Update- New Earth Expansion July/ Lions Gate 2021

It is here, the ground of unlimitedness of our human avatars.  The magnetic shift into new unified organic cosmos. July 2021 are preparing our inner space to receive the unified neutralised electromagnetic (web of light ) to infuse and carry the  New Earth quantum energy as pure crystalline plasma workframe. While the July Getaway is… Continue reading Energy Update- New Earth Expansion July/ Lions Gate 2021

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UNity Matrix/ 2021 Outlook Podcast 2021 began with absolute new design, Carrying an underlaying of a new frequency design for New Earth and awaken soul communities in alignment with One Foundation, Oneness of All, Embodiment of the Source in time and space. In  our perceived reality as outer world, two different events is taking place. One is personal, Witness… Continue reading UNity Matrix/ 2021 Outlook Podcast