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New Earth Articles – Human Nova

Rebirth of Earth Civilization – Human Nova Chapter one Our physical reality is a perceived reality, that has been built and shaped through our human body creation since the beginning of our civilization on earth. Now, through Collective Ascension and transformation, upgrade and even alteration in our Solar System this software which even for many… Continue reading New Earth Articles – Human Nova

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Rite of Passage to Libiration, Energy update June 2021

The Rite of passage has begun. This rite is a marriage of trinity Holographic design of soul, higher self mother soul, in another words, all aspects of a soul, in physical galactical and celestial are coming into oneness. The entire operating system of a soul/ cell within the Source is going to reboot, and rebirth… Continue reading Rite of Passage to Libiration, Energy update June 2021

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New Earth Completion of Vibrational Bands 2021

Returning to the source is the book with many chapters, titles and even some white pages, always open for magic, surprises and acceleration of joy of Union. In the chapter of ascension, mind is still  and heart knows the way. Nevertheless, there is a deep tiredness from a long journey from the stars to Earth,… Continue reading New Earth Completion of Vibrational Bands 2021

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New Earth Timelessness Manifestation -May 2021

Each day, the consciousness circuits through three states. For human body the deep sleep, dreaming and waking states. For Collective Ascension,  deep sleep is  ( 3, 4D existence), Dreaming is choiceless awareness  ( light- body Avatar and collaborator) and waking state ( living in present, Oneness of life). These are stages of self -realisation and… Continue reading New Earth Timelessness Manifestation -May 2021