Seraphim Joy Foundation is a sacred hub, a web of light, a divinly orchestrated gathering, an equal space for lovers of Truth and Unity. Our promise is authenticity, transparency and sincerity. Our passion is to be a divine instrument in New Earth reality, creation and manifestation in beauty, in joy and laughter, daily prayers of gratitude and celebration of Body of One.

Our steps might shape a track, a footpath on outer world and physical reality, nevertheless it is the music of creation that brings us into Divine Foundation and Organization to be here, within seeds of life flower.

New Earth birthing in now and it is the phenomenon manifestation of true devotion of all seekers to Truth, Purity and Oneness of All, birthing Frequency of Heaven on Earth.

 It is our true hearts’ desires to create and offer a neutral, joyful platform, a sacred space  across globe and galaxies on our beloved Earth, where all lovers and seekers could meet, unite, merge, celebrate and walk in equality, in peace as One Exquisite Wave of Cosmos.

Divine Foundation might sound like a solid structured design, as for centuries our human minds are conditioned and programmed to see human and God in separation.

Control and fear have been dominating force by collective Ego to keep this illusion active and therefore humanity stay in bondage of ignorance. In reality Divine foundation, is the fluid grace through all beings, in neutral state and natural flow.

Awakening is Divine Evolutionary upgrade  in life System which currently our Human Bodies are influenced and activated rapidly by solar energy waves that replacing our DNA/liquid plasm to a higher structure one that makes the transition from 5 sensory physical being to multi- dimensional being possible, which is the natural habitat of Soul/light/Divine breath. The day we become awaken as witnesses in Divine Dream, we become the full potential in our Creative/Manifestor collaborator State, to be pure joy.

The purpose of this Collective Upgrade is unknown to us and might never reveal her full beauty and phenomenon, but at some level we all could recognize the transform stages individually as well as collective to reestate the original template ( Unity) in our human civilizationwhich is ruled by laws of One.

Our aim is to offer a platform in Now where all founctions and activities rise through the Divine Pure Perspective, seeing all equal, in support of New Earth light templates and embodiment, re-birthing human civilizations and restore and support life on Earth.

New Earth only appears and accessable for the ones have eyes opened in their hearts.

As we lose the sense of time, and more free to be in present, the gap between happening and manifestation decreases and we all become Majestic Creators and divine will directs our intentions fueled by creative impulses, in our momentary and timeless alignment with our hearts. This sponteneous music of Divine Inspiration moves us individually and collectively into reshaping our new Civilization for Heaven on Earth vibrational reality for eras to come and eventually further connectivty with life beyond our solar system and universe.

Further reading : New Earth Glossary

Our Mission

We walk in isness, into unknown and undiscovered, free of assumption and judgment.  It is our mission to live abundant and joyful. 

In Simplicity, Equality, Compassion.

If this site resonates and you wish to collaborate, please use our contact page and/or join the maling list.