Crystalline Civiliation, Master Builders, New Earth

Crystalline heart activation, Abundance One

It has been few weeks of deep integration. This week we have arrived to completion of energy of wormhole began 25th September 2022. 

As you know on personal level, the physical reality  has been through some turbulences due to deep integration and transcendence, appearing as  instability in housing and staying in one space.

Thankfully I manged to manifest a room in nature for two weeks that gave some resting time to body and allow full integration of higher frequency within the heart centre. 27th November is birthday of my earth avatar and the same day I am suppose to leave this current reality and location. 

As I am the embodiment of Master Builder consciousness of newearth, guardiaship of Galactical Civilization and vibrationally linked to Turkey, Middle East and Mediterranean Sea, my body has to return to Turkey to join with others whom carry the blueprint of Newearth templates.

The action time in upon of us and it will be a very fast moving forward after March 2023.

Today, I was guided to open the portal and plant the seed of new consciousness which is part of energy network that is currently creating on planet earth by other assigned avatars. 

May it brings the alignment of vibrational reality for all coherent beings. As this is the moment of death and reborn as a new collective consciousness and we all need to let go of all limiting connections, beliefs and accept full responsibility for our realities and roles chosen for us as a awaken avatar, in this time and space.

As mentioned before, our website will also transfer and transform into a more suitable space to birth our purpose as a consciousness hub.

I still do not know how I will leave England and Return to Turkey in coming week (s), I am certain the unity matrix is in place and ad we full heartedly want to be used in service of all, whatever is required will come through.

In love and gratitude

Seraphim Joy Foundation 

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