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Gratitude Note, Newearth Abundance One

Dear Ones,

This is our last post and interaction on this platform.

Few weeks ago, due intensity of frequencies and movement between realities, on behalf of my Avatar, I Am consciousness came out of years of Solitude and Hermit journey to ask for support from the world and beings of light that somehow either follow or stumble on Seraphim Joy Foundation. 

The circumstances still not settled and has been between manifestation of shelter and rest place and then uncertainly of hours in  streets and cold.

I would like to thank, those whom are seated in their hearts and the flow of their love and compassion so far has been a ceiling of Light and Divine Love to balance these extremes and give the body shelter and safety, so whatever my existence means for the creator and creation, be able to still be in physical realm. 

I am very grateful. 

I just cannot ask again from outer reality, the world, humans, the mirror. 

I surrender to allow this disappearance in Divine Will, silently and as neutral as possible.  The abundance One is divine love within our hearts and when all inner barriers are dissolved to see our divinity, it projects in matter.

When body crossed this passage, perhaps will be a return to this space, for reflection and sharing. 

The last few days, divine presence has been strong. Rise of frequency of heaven in body, sweat, heat and then deep loss into Nothing-ness of self and full present in One presence.

It is a great momentum on our planet now and as much as part of our human skin wishes to give some definition and understanding which is part of Ego program, we all need to surrender to our hearts and trust what moments brings, takes away, shapes from unmanifested to manifestation and viseversa. 

I have dedicated most of my human life, to walk truthfully and in transparency. I was born aware of The Ascension movement in this time and space and had remembrance of original Frequency and vibrational realities. 

At this moment, due to body turbulence, pain and tiredness it is hard to see beyond an hour, yet my timeless soul has been seen frequently the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, re – appearance of Shambhala.

May our hearts always guide us to Union with the Creator of All.  A part and A whole, all are One.

With love and gratitude.

Seraphim Joy Foundation,

 Serena Devi Vessel 

Buddha, artwork Serena Devi

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