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Unification Matrix Activation/NewEarth article

Currently we are in a wormhole passage between two or multi-realties, between two eclipses occurrence.

The final alignment of soul blueprint , divine will and earth unification matrix. This is how we collectively birthing templates of Newearth vibrational reality in matter. We individually require to come fully align and attune to our soul blueprint and in some cases, even allow the full dissolvent

In soul vision and divine will power. To manifest through power of Matrix of unification, tangible brand new reality, the one we wished for to see and experience as heaven on earth.

Everything so far we experienced in our minimal life mirror of physical illusion, has been giving us a feedback where we need to delve deeper, our low frequency emotional and mental reactions to events, other people, situations which in some cases like mine, appears very dramatic, like staying in cold without a shelter.

I rarely use my own journey as a blackboard with some story written on it, but as in this case, body vulnerability and discomfort was and is beyond normal scope, it feels relevant to share my observation. As we each play a part in newearth manifestation as a pure habitat for new Human centred in crystalline heart, any place within our soul that we carry even a fracture of resistance to become emptiness for divine will flow, any block that might be through human fear (lack, scarcity, unworthiness, victim ) as well as soul fear of being ( powerful one, self master,  the creator, divine presence) all are pulled out to show us where lower vibration loop exist and allow more inner space, in nonjudgmental way, for body to release the lower frequencies, as the faster we are moved into power of Unity Matrix, the less darkness of 3D beings could effect our collective consciousness in flowing into gravity of One Abundance and transcend all fears and bit of this and that that still keeps us in separation with Mother Board God.

Paying attention to all inner mental and emotional broadcast this month is a game changer for many prepared and read Avatar that wants to create and collaborate at higher vibration of light, to experience more of peace, balance, abundance, unity and of course the inner bliss of Self Mastery as the Creator.

Love is the ultimate force behind all creations, the key to manifest what we need, want and feel purposeful toward, is to keep mind silence as we stand in zero point of all possibilities, which it is where I feel my avatar stands right now, even though it looks like being at the edge of cliff! J

Handing to a thin string!

Soul knows this reality is illusion and all required is to maintain the balance for body and allow all lower frequencies leaves the human DNA and allow the transformation of old blood into new blood, old consciousness (limitation, condition, fear, shadow, self denial, blame, shame, anger, secretive, separation, duality) all transcend to ( unlimites, boundless, light, self love, humility, transparency, unity, oneness). This is something we need to keep observing within us, moment by moment  until to the last drop of old dissolves in truth of Unity Matrix, I Am The Creator. And then in not much linear time, everything our soul want and vibrational linked to through divine programme was created and aligned with, will manifest very quick.

We see the world as we are as the illusion is there as a mirror to assist us to find the inner Creator and as part of the whole, create our unique path to this liberation and union.

I personally created a path of many adventures, diversity, many roles and many mountains to climb, to finally accept the simplest gift of creation, that I am everything, I am life. And yes, my body still does not have a bed manifested for tonight, but deep inside I know that these are the final moments of this crossing into power of Creation within Crystalline Heart and that is not about creating for Separate Self, which is a 3D program, it is in service of humanity and Mother Earth, it is the service to Galaxy and Celestial, it is about embodiment of Divine Light Organisation on planet earth.

And trusting as we allow more of higher vibrational vibration into our bodies and dissolve into neutral and empty Avatar, without personal mental and emotional charge about how our life looks like or feel like, but see it from perspective of Unity and unconditional love, then we collectively achieve to rise as one huge wave of creation to see what we all want to see and experience.

Accepting divine will and the holy cosmic vibration that currently assisting us to go through these fast upgrade in our life system, all are in place by Divine Will and program for coming Eras to re structure our planet into a Galactical Habitat.

November 2022 is about Unity matrix activation codes, which brings the energy of Divine wealth and Abundance into matter through purified Hearts that serves collective in reaching to their desired manifestations in service of all.

This is the month that all really becomes tangible, the change in our consciousness, our physical and cellular configuration, the injection of pure consciousness  and all embodiment process and expression, all leading us to fruitfulness of Now. This Now only should be perceived as Divine Will  perfection, as I repeat it again, your body and human story is positioned at the most unstable and unbelievable appearance. Heart Knows the truth, and will lead us to an authentic actions as light beings and collaborators on newearth.


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