Forerunner, New Earth, vision

Between two realities

Dear friends, readers, soul family,

This is the only platform on media that is align and allowed energically for ascension frequencies and newearth upgrade sharing.

Therefore, here, is the home of unconditional love for my avatar ( Serena). Body is between realities and as energy is stabilising within and without, rest and being in door feels urgent need now.

Since Saturday with shared abundance of couple of loving souls and a beloved brother and long term sponsor, I got a room till Wednesday. But my body is too tired to move, with fever since yesterday. I will appreciate more time for rest for the body and become ready for travel. Staying in cold or carrying suitcases no longer possible.

I have received more data about November 2022 and frequency details which hopefully will write after recovery.

Your donations are welcomed as divine love to held the avatar well, safe and rested. I am grateful.

Love and light

Seraphim joy Foundation

Serena Devi Vessel

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