Forerunner, Master Builders, New Earth, vision

Marriage of frequencies, deliverance of NewEarth Abundance

 The greatest happening is the simplest one.

Ascension and evolution of soul is an upgrade in life system across creation. 

In 2022, each soul has a choice, either to keep her original creation code and complete all frequency bands and sequences, embodiment of Divine Self as her original design, which normally reflects one higher Aspect, of divine love, Divine mind, divine will. Marriage of frequencies. Birthing Divine light Organization in physical reality.

 Or/ and allow more Fire and deeper transformation within to receive the final Key of Creation which is full embodiment of All three aspects of Divinity, that is complete emptiness of vessel for purpose of service to all, yet no-thing will be left from human or soul.

The transformation is intense and feel like daily crucifixion and reborn cycle into higher energy band, while all Human and Soul aspects dissolving, the greatest fear that will surface is of being IAm God.

Many use the phrase in vein which only reflects the fake authority of ego, as in true transformation, silence expands those effects every moment and all experiences, a day could become as long as 20 years as awareness is sharpening and expanding to a timeless majestic presence and inner reality of One takes over to a level, that even one out of line thought brings turbulence in body and heart.

The current waves that we collectively experience, is not just under influence of solar flares and earth electromagnetic fields, it is through this huge activation through Heart Centre ( Crystalline Heart) that most beings experience and some to a far more intense level since 21st October, as this is true birth of Newearth Generator and Magnetic portal of divine love ( all is Love) which delivers the One Abundance from unmanifest to manifest, that will the puriest resource for Newearth Restructure align with Earth shift into a galactical planetary in our life system.

It took me a while to understand the happening in my own reality and experiences of extreme that currently keeping the body between shelter and streets while truly no physical strength left, due tiredness as well as constant shift of frequency and jump into multidimensional perceptions.

Last night, with last strength of my legs, a shelter for the night manifested and again I am back to no £ and in streets. While 4/5 years ago this cycle was pulling out my human fears and survival mood, this sequence is about full embodiment of all three aspects of Divine Self especially Divine Will. As tenderness of love in heart centre have been the most painful experience in physical body over the last 48 hours. 

Over the years, most of awaken souls arrive to a relevant inner peace, acceptance, excellent inner and outer navigator over observation deck of Divine neutrality, and truthfully the path I have been on has been a great school of self realization and yet what is taking place in October, has been the most challenging death and reborn into power of One.

I am thankful to my mirror of divine, my husband.  whom as himself express is at the beginning of ascension and self discovery but his unconditional love at the other side of the world  ( I am in England/ Harrogate, his body I’d in Dalyan/ Turkey), has been the only outer reality that have kept me centre between realm and speed of inner alchemy, to even breath and continue in the body, that is how intense moving through these transformation stage has been, complete ALLONE-NESS.

There is a song sang by Mooj and Omkara, I reflects what is really my current experince, and yet not so soft, as its fire is burning everything. What I have walked, experienced and shared over the last 50+ years of my life is in one hand and   what is taking place in this month, the inner alchemy in another hand.

I am not sure if I could continue to write, speak or have any thing to share as ascension update, my heart is bursting into creation, manifestation, and feels like belly of fire in my human chest, opening inside out to birth this energy and deliverance.

I thank you all for your reflections of love, compassion and unity. 

Seraphim Joy Foundation

Serena Devi vessel

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