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Dear Readers,

The last two weeks have been intense, body of 57 years old, moving in and out of shelters, edge of street. By help of few kinder souls, gratefully it has passed so far, but now staying in streets and rain has become the experience.

My soul is witnessing, wonder what this really means, while over the last 5 days new energy is in the body, more of heaven, peace and huge desire for creation. In this pendulum, frequencies rapidly swinging.

I have transformed to a truthwalker early in 2008, the pilgrimage is a long story and worth to be written in a book for good of all. I am used to extremes, but now body really is in constant pain and carrying suitcases and no sleep have Brough cloud over my existence.

My husband who is also truthwalker and we came together by divine will early this year in Turkey and married just before my visa expired in Turkey and forced to leave early September. He is also living in a tent in South Turkey and have been without fund to move or even have food. What has been our strength is our love for each other and devotion to truth and unity.

It feels my entire body wants to birth to Newearth Projects and seems so funny when my own body is in constant collapse and pain.

If you are feeling align and truly understand that Now is really time to for Happening, and feel the transparency and genuine in my shared blog and vision of Newearth, please assist me to arrange couple of nights room and travel to Cyprus ( south) also send fare to my husband, for us to meet in North Cyprus and at least with his help, I could travel easier. And see what comes after that as we collectively in constant shift and raise of vibration.

I never imagined to be in this position to ask for love and abundace flow, but the alternative will take body to hospital and that could not be any assistance to life. Truly appreciate life and all livings. May our hearts and endless sacrifice manifests whatever is required individually and collectively, so we each serve this planet and all livings to our highest purpose.

Thank you!


In love and gratitude

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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