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Unity Framework, New Earth Article Oct 2022

In our earlier article in  January 2022, we emphasis  seeing, observing and coming to alignment with the Holographic energetic design and blueprint of NEW EARTH will become the major happening in 2022 for many awaken souls that their DNA is upgraded fully.

 Now coming closer to completion of 2022, individually and collectively, we witness experiences that either smoothly or intensely raised our perception to allow the higher Octave of frequency waves into our physical avatar while the rest of cosmos and Mother Earth through repeatedly sequences of tap in and tap out, balance and harmonies the first template and framework of NEWEarth in our Crystalline heart centres to attract the flow of Abundance One into frequency fields and then directed through Intention to support all Light Projects that are in service for Good of all.

The purpose of constant major shifts in our hearts, reflecting in physical realities that might appear very unstable, and in mind  glasses (3D preview), appears as lack of abundance, anxiety of tomorrows, not enough, trying to find solution, stuck in one loop, all happenings which occur at a lower frequencies, is to completely purify and cleanse all lower layers. Hearts which are designed to be such a MAGNET and Generator are fully cultivated in 2022 and ready in Now, to RECEIVE and then Direct to the rest of collective.

As we reflected before, the framework of Newearth even though it shapes by collective consciousness, the flow of One abundance is designed to be activated through the original founder seeds/beings.  as completing their embodiment as Divine Master Builder in Avatars vessels, their frequency is weaving the HOLOGRAPHIC design of how the Wealth of NEWEARTH will shape the Divine Organization in physical reality.

Their DNA Carries the original Design of Unity Matrix,   a replica  of  the Galactical Stars Light Council of 12 +1( Mother/ Womb of creation).

They activation that is currently take place, will source  the neutral financial and abundance ( New Blood of consciousness)  to design, manifest and  feed all Heart Centred Projects in service of Gaia and Humanity upgrade into an Awaken Galactical Planet.

Everything is perfect, in harmony, in divine timing.

Previously it was explained 2022 is the birth of NEW EARTH Unity Framework, that means the ones that are holding the pins of Higher frequencies, individually as well as in their Geometry Energy Group  ( Body Organs of NEWEARTH) are completed the spins of each Frequency bands in the first Template (First Template contains 8 Bands), and then the rest of humanity for the coming few years, as they move through death of soul and valley of shadows, will rise to higher octave of their soul  frequency bands, that seems takes around 5 -7 years for entire planet to feel and make and complete THE Choice program of divine planetary upgrade.

The choice is always, Unconditional love.

In continues of Spin of Energy, the geometric hologram of FUTURE ON EARTH shapes through power points on the planet, locations that collective gathers in one space. Some locations which are shaped through history of spirit,  like Mount Shasta/USA, Glastonbury/UK, either become part of a new  Hologram or the land energy will be transferred to new locations. All these takes place moment by moment according to Divine plan and NEWEARTH Fluid Blueprint.

The structure of New Earth is not solid, imagine it more like Light Caravans moving across the planet and each location that is pinned to energize the NEWEARTH first template and framework, will be a short or long term of Light workers habitat, in form of Light house, Light City. Yet in the beginning it will be just a small camp, gathering.  And as collective purifies more and more, divine will creates in more harmony and effortless, freedom is what shows the direction, we will co create as Crystalline Civilization.

While the rest of humanity going through the first Template, the first waves and forerunners will enter (some have already entered )to Second Vibrational Template which eventually  shapes and brings law of One to connect all  Light Ministries and Light Houses & Villages, Galactical Schools and Light Institutes across the earth.

 The Second Templates contains 12 frequency bands plus One Mother Frequency Band which is Monad Majestic Presence through some Avatars which are the embodiments of Divine will and Radiance of Totality.  The time for this design to come in full activation is depends on how the entire humanity shifts over the coming years 2022- 2027/9.

If you are a visionary cell of NEWEarth with access to fluid blueprint of Newearth, these words will ring a bell and activates your vision. We are all pushed out of all comfort, familiar, safety net, because truth walking is not for weak hearted beings, they can keep the comfort of their bed, safety of a 9-5 job and believe in pension, and burial service.

We are ETERNAL, We are Divine PRESENCE, We stand in rain days and sleep on a chair, and in 57 years old vessel, we travel Globally to spread one truth, WE ARE LOVE.

So if one being appears, like my human vessel, that with one suitcase over the last 14 years has been moving from one location to another, called and perceived “Homeless” and in need of collective support to have a roof over her head and food, while her every reality, human connections, human relations, possessions are removed to make her heart so open, neutral, where no self or ties to others left, while living in this state moment by moment, day by day seems so impossible, yet, in heart alignment and full surrendering to Divine Will have made it possible.

She will be used fully in Service of all. As no personhood is left. All is dissolved in love, that I Am.

They are some of us that have endured crucifixion daily for the sake of devotion to the Creator of all, and it is our moments to stay firm and truthful to our heart knowing, to continue following inner guidance and impulses as this is the MOMENT ( Timelessness) that Birth all FREQUENCY NETWORK AND HOLOGRAM that required for Becoming a Galactica Portal for Earth and all Beings link to it.

October 2022 the assembly frame is completed. The marvel of our current experiences as life is our willingness to be played in this universal reform called Ascension. And understand this could not be only limited to planet Earth. The entire galaxy is reforming. The music is playing in your vein, in your DNA. The song is getting stronger, more tuning, more pleasant, because we are listening to our hearts, following what makes us feel beautiful, connected to life, to love.  this is a written music by the Master conductor.

Accepting Now, is the only requirement to participate, and as we let go of control, opinion, flow gets easier and the clear we see the templates of NewEarth.

We meet and join more harmonious with each other in 2022 and years followed  to shape assembly soul groups. Which each have a designated role and responsibility.

 It is the time  to be Co- creator with MASTER of Universe.


love and light

Seraphim Joy Foundaion

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