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NewEarth Quantum Jump , Mirror of Unconditional love

Dear ones,

A major shift and transformation are taking place this week on our planet Earth.  It is major quantum shifts into Creation phase of NEWEARTH manifestation and new way of Abundance Flow to fuel the movement of Divine Will into Matter.

This is the moments of Happening, what somehow we are been moving toward since 2012, the fields of hearts are ready, cultivated in light and ready for New Codes of Creation  to bring NewEarth  template of light into physical.

The frequencies are high to shape the new structure and bloodline ( Financial flow) for this manifestation. It is important to maintain a peaceful state, inward and free of mind to allow this merge between Cosmos Mother Energy ( Mother Board), Crystalline Hearts, Earth electromagnetic, and physical avatar.

Standing in emptiness without any outer interior, might be very challenging for mind, that wishes to grasp stories, or bring fear into. We must collectively keep the mind in silence and stay open to receive what our heart frequencies will bring into creation. Inner alignment is the key to Receive Divine Will flow ( Cosmos Spark, Earth Pulse, in harmonious with Avatar Crystalline Heart, peaceful state in body and mind) = Manifestation of Abundance One.

On linear reality takes time to stabilize these specific New Frequencies within the body while the sequence keeps repeat the DESIGN pattern of the new light NETWORK between AWAKEN Souls, and locations on Earth. So within only few months, the frequencies of Heaven on Earth materialise in speed of light, in form of gatherings, unity communities, schools of Ascension.

It is the end of lifetime solitude for many of awaken beings that needed to stay alone to maintain the frequencies  in their bodies, or if involved with a community and some sort of lightwork, all is about to shift to a new gear and truthful authenticity of  Soul.

It is time of let go of what does not feel align and allow more expansion in heart centre, to receive these solar upgrade through Galactical Sun and Milky Way, so the Light FORCE be contained in earthy avatars, as divine will moves collective to deeper purification and then in one moment of GLORY, all will be received, revealed and began a new CYCLE and SEQUENCE, which its MAGNET and GENERATOR is linked with PURE CONSCIOUESNESS  of NEWEARTH Reality/HEAVEN Manifestation.

This looks like, that in a middle of night, in a Tall Building   when all light is off, we turn the switch on   it becomes A SHIMMIRING LIGHTHOUSE, recognised from far distance.

Earth is coming online as an Advanced planetary Habitat. Our heart vibrational is coming in full alignment with her pulse now to bring through all required manifestation through Awaken communities Light network, to assist this UPGRADE into Higher Realm and dimensions.

The DESIGN activation began January 2021 and gradually through embodiment of collective Consciousness the Light particulars have been delivered from formless to form and manifestation within our Crystalline Hearts to deliver the entire Frequency map for manifestation of Abundance One that fuels all NEWEARTH, Gaia Projects that reshapes our Human society to Crystalline Civilization.

This week will be more symptoms in the brain and head than other times, especially if you are part of Master Builder groups. It asks for complete authenticity to Soul, and state of Unconditional love/ I am God.

By 22 October till 25th October, new possibilities will come to surface, either fully clear and manifested or reflects the course of actions we need to take to be fully in Service of the Creator and life and flow effortless into Newearth Blue print and template as a free agent of Divine Will embodiment.

Moment by moment, pure consciousness guides us to choose though heart alignment and stay detach from all outcomes. Only Present is so powerful to experience I Am God.

Persona note:

I am grateful to shared abundance of few souls whom heard my heart. The body will have no shelter and food from tomorrow, and as a frequency holder avatar, is it really important to keep the body balance to allow these frequencies stabiles to manifest what is required for our collective ascension movement.

I am asking from Heart of One, Universe,  embodied unconditional love beings, readers and Light family to support, to maintain balance for my physical avatar at least for coming few days that this new Energy frequencies stabilize in the body and brings what is required for next phase of NewEarth creation as well as this humble truthwalker.


In love and light, in gratitude

Seraphim joy Foundation

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