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Abundance One, Gift of donation

Dear readers,

Seems this note needed to be written as

The situation and events have been strong, feels life is hanging by fingernails and until this storm of frequencies stabilise, body is in vulnerable state.

As the old financial flow has stopped and has not been enough grounding, and my body/ avatar has been travelling from one country to another and I am out of all resources, relation as well as finance.

I am asking universe, fellow Earth travellers and Ascension Light Family to assist if their hearts invite them to share from Abundance One, in form of  donation gift. 

I am leaving the shelter tomorrow with no £ and no place to go, except streets with no physical strength and ability to stand in cold. 

I am grateful to divine love and timing, every breath is in freedom, in Now and yet, body is collapsing,  my soul in surrender. May divine will direct whatever is required and needed to support life that I Am.


In light and love, In gratitude 

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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