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Flowering Harvest of New Earth

October 2022 is a portal to higher consciousness where from zero point, heart centre manifestation are taking place to bring new structures, to infuse pure financial flow; sourced in neutrality from Divine Gold light Treasury.

The activation codes began after 10/10 on a blank screen of all possibilities. Yet within each of us, there is a holographic map and design that runs on auto  upgrade  of Divine Will program.

In complete surrendering to what it is, some of us might fully landed in emptiness of now.

It might even feel or appear frightening from outside, as in this level of let go, everything as life we know or experienced has become upside down, the physical reality appears like desert and empty of all known. And this is not at 3D level of human level.

It is the happening at much higher and advanced soul groups that are new DNA of Newearth physical reality, heaven on Earth.

 If the feeling in you, reflects only Heaven and peacefulness, and yet your bank is on overdraft, and credit card is full, and no relation with others, like me! And sleep in a shelter and no idea how the coming hours, and days will shape…

Congratulate yourself, you are Free from all lower DNA frequencies.

 And you are truly belonging to MASTER BUILDER group of souls that are the Manifestor of the first energy template of Newearth.

This is the moment of THE HAPPENING.

The mind must fully stopped to be able to stand ALLONE, while the physical reality and events all might indicates a dramatic or even disastrous outlook.

As one sits in silence of her heart, inner codes of creation drawn  all elements of Newearth higher frequencies, Life program of NewEarth, into the energy and electromagnetic field,

as now  oneness with Gaia  which energized  by the pure energy of Crystalline heart neutralised in trust and acceptance, alignment effortless and naturally bring everything into bloom and flowering.

I called it Flowering Harvest as October is time of harvest and yet the moment of Divine spring has landed on our planet and souls dissolved in and as pure consciousness have completed the full embodiment of Divine love. Avatars are empty and open as life force.

As grass grows by itself, the timing of current is the start up of mutative process that is restructuring the life system on earth and shifting the humanity to deeper change of energy and frequency.

This upgrade is the beginning of a a huge planetary Light Network placement across Earth and each soul aware or unaware through choices play a part in where they are positioned in NEW Holographic design

Nothing from 10/10 will be the same.

It is within the totality of each life experience that our soul codes complete their ascension sequences and jump into higher dimensions and frequency bands to create more align realities and move us closer to serving our higher purpose.

The power of creation lies in unconditional love and to build Shambhala and cities of Light, we really need to arrive to Innocence state of crystalline Heart. As life will become even more unpredictable and uncontrollable as what our human mind likes and wants. Spontaneous choices and quantum jump in awareness and consciousness is the Norm in Newearth reality.

Where the outer reality loss its power and  stops,  the crystalline heart comes fully to alignment with Earth heart beat of New Light creation.

Our physical body already carries the activation codes and holographic design of our next happening in linear realities. Within the rhythmic pulse of life, we are collectively moving to experience from purer heart and higher awareness, which restructure and restore Balance and Power of Soul and Higher Self.

From this month onwards, a new global rhythm began. Some souls base on location will witness rebellious  energy of nation and nature, while others move toward deeper peace and harmony.

Remember, the program is already in place and when the soul and body DNA complete all transformative sequences, it will be a momentary gap in physical reality that seems all is gone, all is left, is emptiness. The reset of Soul Blueprint with Gaia Electromagnetic field is sealed in this gap.

This is end phase of old world and begining of the newwold. A supernova in frequencies to separate the worlds. We are making a choice, breath by breath. The restructure of human relaions, soul contracts, collective blooms of consciouesness. The awakening to new pure realities of love, peace, harmony, transparency, alignment of purpose and yet all New Light manifestations only become accessible and visible by access codes of Pure Consciousness, this is how  new light cities ( Shambhala) will be build and appear and re-appear on Earth.

Everything has to flow accordingly with Milky way, Solar System and Earth alignment, in harmony and support of Gaia Electromagnetic harmonica design and individual soul hologram and that is what makes it effortless like a breath. As one Life. As Divine Oraganisation manifested in one cell, in all creation.

Is it easy to see through the eyes of One,  the whole energy map of New earth? and yet, the physical reality keeps one at the edge of street, in hurricane of instability and no flow of old finance for mind  to make a plan or have a comfort. I am standing in that moment and truly feel blessed, loved and align with everything comes, as all is Divine Will and the Sacred felt and touched in each breath.

They are souls on this planet, full of words about Truth, Awakening, Ascension,..

only a few truly walk it moment by moment, and they are dissolved in unknown, being anonymous is the greatest mirror to see the heaven on earth.

This is our last post on this webpage, if the New website reborn to be presented on social media, you will receive the new details here. And if not, it has been a joy to share experiences, visions and understanding here.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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