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reborn of unity consciouesness

After few months finally it feels alignment allows to return to more writing and sharing as energy flows.

Recap on April 2022 -Sept 2022

In April 2022,  just before the new moon, we have stepped into Alchemy chamber/ Sweat lodge  of  the Higher Soul. The process was an intense one collectively as well as individually. Imagine a return to womb of Mother of all, in formless state of unborn,  where consciousness was heated and compressed to be purified and its direct effect or physical manifestation   have created whirlpools of frequencies for collective consciousness that periodically moved us in and out of  space of wormhole, darkness of void to sweat away all impurity, old human minds set and behavioural patterns, to reprogram and upgrade our nerve system, neutralize personality and its tendencies, habits and memories that coordinate at lower frequency or past events. Prepare us to enter Divine Self Creation phase.

Going through May, June,July  2022 for many souls were nerve wracking to jump on ship of unknown possibilities, blindfolded with no help from mind, and ego control, live day by day and allow cosmic waves along solar flares reprogram physical vessel as well as amplification of Crystalline Heart. This adjustment felt like moving up through some sort spiral frequency with fast sequences to recycle again all conditional views and believes. Due to heat of divine pure womb of creation, where this process truly conducted, some souls on path of awakening faced challenges in physical realm, from body symptoms, to constant travel and relocations across the earth. Some soul tribes and connections got deeper and others got closer to ending and conclusion.

The game is Ascension and no level of energy, dimension, frequency, works as the previous one.

From the January 2021, we knew the  implant of NEWEARTH templates is coming, we did not understand what this means and how it effects our physical bodies and human stories.

In time, we observed and it unveiled the happening for the ones ready to receive the vision as well as neutralized enough to allow and accept fully, to be used as Divine Will embodiment.

/some of us went  under a deep Light surgical (removal of old human program at the same time be implanted with new Light /device to be able to rise along the Earth and its magnetic fields update day by day and embody the anchor of HEAVEN ON EARTH.

We each base on our soul blueprint and position on /newearth template consciousness board, receive our scenarios and physical events, transformation, relocations and daily challenges, for this new HEART/MIND Light device to be fully activated and bring us in full  alignment with the creator within. As from October 2022, our collective presence is an embodiment of the Source, the newearth frequencies have raised enough to abundance One program become activated, the flow follows only one law,

Listen to heart in Now and allow consciousness flows effortless, all in alignment within, will manifest without. As divine will directs, our choosing is to stay in heart and observe.

 It is possible we still individually for few more  months continue our roles as forerunner, wayshowers and so on.

By arrival of ~Reborn of Unity Consciousness in Now~,  the moment of Flow of ONE abundance begins, the entire Master Builders consciousness will fall into NEwearth first  template  of Frequencies of Crystalline Civilization and their bodies  are already pinned to a location that allows them to maximise the speed of paradigm shift and unlimited possible physical manifestation for their Earth Crew as well as NEWEarth new starseeds activation which will organise the phase two of NewEarth grounding.

It is the source of our soul pulses, natural and powerful, its orbit is the repetition of Plasma light of our Origin. Each star seed on planet Earth is linked to a Layer of Mother Consciousness that currently channelling our human vessels/avatars to bring us into alignment with Cosmos Orchestrated Harmonica song. Along with our DNA Transformation, we are coming to full activation of our Soul Energetic Frequency Band and that effortlessly ( if mind has stopped) makes our human activities in alignment with a part we play/located  in Divine Light Organization.

Observation and allowing the flow of current is the key for September and October 2022, our work from this moment is openess to divine will flow which is so simple, listen to your heart. Let peace be your guide.

There is a newness in You, unknowing of what is next, peaceful expansion into infinite possibilities.  

Presence, being with a deep sense of peace &  security that I am home. The more stable we become in our heart pulses which its fragrance is unconditional love and equality in humanity, the faster crystallizing shapes through light and divine will. Awaken souls are mediator between timeless and time, formless and form, and soul seeds only follow their own orbit of frequencies in building of New Earth template.

We are entering deeper into unknown fields of unconditional love and its magic of manifestation, our maps are gone, our access to knowing as human being is removed, we are in totality and freedom of infinite possibilities. From human perspective might be frightening to be here on this planet with zero bank accounts, no human relation in the location one is pinned to, with body at edge of vulnerability and no solution to make things happen !

For the heart that is rooted in oneness, everything is acceptable, everything is divine plan and even a momentary confusion could occur, the heart knows the perfection of all imperfect human perspective, as all there is, is pure consciousness, all life. It is this trust and faith that harmony of love and truth will lead each of us to our next moment on heaven of earth reality, because we choose limitless, purity, oneness.

Mind always rush us to give form to our emotions, have a plan, reach out for solution. Moving through frequency bands, paying attention with inner and outer reality and perspective, integrate us each moment into a more pure version of existence, as the source is the totality of existence and non existence. What version of you is more harmonious in light coloration with earth ascension?

Truth walking is a mastery of crytalline heart frequency, to be whole and united, we each called into DARKNESS, to discover the Light we are.

The new moon tonight is a gateway to a fast track jump on waves of transformation to move beyond all doubts and limitation and be a FREE particular in divine plan. To  stabilize the frequency of One Abundance within and receive in physical.

We must keep choosing consciously and recognise the power link between our NEW EMOTION and MIND SET with the Avatars Body. As the Embodiment patterns are speeding up,  freedom and creations codes of NEW Earth, birthing new algorithm and holographic designs.

To connect the dots of Frequency templates of New earth, we need flow more effortless in ocean of all possibilities and dream more of Heaven on Earth, another word, call in stronger remembrance of Souls into physical, by choosing only WHAT WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE.

Note to readers

I am returned to England and feels this return is a complete re-rooting and having a stable ground. It is over 14 years that I have been travelling and allowing soul transformation and activation in each body cell as pure consciousness.

I have arrived with one suitcase and staying in Yorkshire, closer to my birth place. I feel renewed. I have been through major changes and happening in my personal journey since April this year which is a another story and sense of completion.

I have been planning to rename and relocate this website to a new space, as frequency rising to be more transparent and have a voice and face in coming few months.

I will share as current life allows.

Love And light

Seraphim Joy



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