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Frequency Update April 2022/ Rooting in Crystalline Heart

Frequency Update April 2022

Re-Rooting in Heart & expansion in horizontal Reality of NEWEarth

From 1st April with the new moon, we have Stepped into Alchemy chamber/ Sweat lodge  of  the Higher Soul.  It is the womb of Mother Soul where consciousness is heated and compressed  as effect of outer reality flow, could be a new movement or body symptoms, could be processed smooth or very intense. April 4th will push and move us into space of wormhole, darkness of void to sweat away all impurity, old human set up of nerve system, personality and its tendencies and habits and memories that coordinate at lower frequency or past events.  

Our Heart will be infused and electrified through divine passion, fire, activation within our vessels to become ready and align into merge and unity with  Divine Will and our soul destiny for Bold Beginnings, authentic actions according with flow of Universal law of one, with spontaneous impulses and universal synchronicity followed by physical  creation and manifestation.

April 2022 is a time to journey inward, upward into all parts of multidimensional Mother Soul and Monad Soul, this will generate a heat in the heart of human vessels to burn out  all veils between self and self, nowhere to hide, we MUST fully face Multidimensional Self and come to full clarity of Love that we are. This is beyond all ordinary experiences we has so far, as awaken being on path of ascension. This is the Core of Self Love and the first template of Assembly phase of NewEarth Blue print.

This intense purification of heart, might not be an easy, we might experience physical pain in our physical heart and chest, our sleep pattern changes, waking up around 3-3.40 am, with remembrance through dreams. Awaken in dreams.

We will be  pushed to create possibilities at the beginning of April which still carries some of our old mental patterns, probably most of awaken being have crossed the shadow of fear and limitation, but there is still this struggle through mind to control the flow of happening, or achieve certain outlook or outcome. As we go through April, these possibilities transforms to a more align timelines which are supported by Fire of Heart and initiates Soul Destiny according to our position in NewEarth blueprint and activation at this time and space on planet Earth.

To cross April bridge into Heart Desired Manifestation, we need to hear the sound of our own Silence, this is the BluePrint of each soul and star seeds linked to Collective Ascension and as we become more and more align and united  to this Unique Space of The Creator within each of us, the original frequencies of Monad Soul will guide us through Assembly of NEWEARTH template in the Great Symphony of Universe which effortlessly follow the Laws of One.

It is important to really offer ourselves to flow of Laws of One and allow love fuel all our choices. As we move through April, we might witness many inner changes as well as circumstances, around 16th April, frequency begins stabilize to birth a complete new Start  and new Manifestations, shaping new higher realities  and bringing us closer to embodiment of next stage of Ascension and its related sequences.  

April at many levels is a personal month to re write the soul story by receiving pure messages from the heart centre and the frequency keep uplifting us to cross our Individual and Collective Destiny Gateway,  our neutrality and observation, keeps us centre at Zero point level, to  facilitate the final alchemical convergence and emergence of frequencies that release final creation and freedom codes  that activates and   unleash  our Soul Generator centre ( Crystalline Heart which is merged with Heart of One )  and Galactical purpose ( individually and collectively )through New Beginnings and unexpected possibilities.

The Upper World, the magical Heaven on Earth is calling us to step into our fully realized Self. Remembrance and Unity of all multidimensional Self/ Avatar to activate Our Higher Destiny as part of a whole, as A Light Cell in shaping a Crystalline Civilization.

 If there is a month in 2022 that we are called to fall into gravity of Mother Soul, as Personal and as Intimate possible to Birth the Wholeness of Self (all we are, as Love, As Creator and as Creation,) April is that month.

Love is deepening in us,  and carves us in and out to bring alignments and harmonises  with cosmos theme of Evolution and Human Ascension into advanced Beings.

We no longer could postpone the octave/melody  of our soul as we each moved to being TRUE to Who we are, re root in Heart of One and be played in Universal harmonic symphony that currently is playing in our cosmos.  

Many of forerunners, way showers, spiritual advocate  for the last 10-15 years have been living in Solitude,  constant alchemical transformation, relocations, personality dissolvement, intense energy work  for purification of planet and humanity, guardianship of portals, grids, sacred lands on earth to bring our collective Ascension to this moment of Consciousness Shift that is the activation and opening of Earth Platform for Divine Assembly templates.

To achieve what we are here for as free agent of Divine Service, knowing and observing ourselves in and out, at all levels, recognising our human and soul gifts, as well as the unchanged Blueprint of Mother Soul brings the Mastery required to hear the ebb’s of life and transcend happenings and circumstances to more align purposeful manifestation to support our personal path as well consciously collaborate in Assembly of Newearth Energy Templates.

The ultimate power of heart is the leading force of universe and we have to move forward in this spiral transition while our earthy eyes are still blind to the physical happenings and feels we are crossing over through darkness while our entire being has become an Inferno of Divine Passion to Birth the Infinite realm of Pure Consciousness.

Sometimes the intensity of transformation, especially in this mouth might makes us feel overwhelmed, tired or even disconnected, remember, these are just release of old mental set up in our human vessels and the outer world is an illusionary smoky mirror, and things might not become cleared or completely align to shape a new timeline, and this is part of life mystery and divine will.

Stay aware of true heart impulses, continue to meet yourself, we carry both light and dark, form and formless within our Existence, and this dance with the creator of all as awaken Soul is a fluid intimate aliveness that carries within that wilderness of unknown possibilities, as we masterfully co-create with universe, the sound the echoes our unique destiny and purpose, the frequency of Earth rise and continue supporting us as One United Love.

Re-write your heart intentions, visit your childhood and what felt natural and effortless at the time. Say ‘Yes” to true Self and let light of your Soul shines upon on the earth.

 We are concluding a cycle of intense transformation ( 7-14 Earth years) and as on daily basis, we witness our  inner birth, and continues rise in soul frequency bands, we are choosing collectively to mark 2022 as a year of new beginnings, activation of first template of NEW EARTH Assembly. LOVE.  

Being playful is part of new creations. The physical world is solid manifestation which by a small change in heart frequency could suddenly appear and perceived in a new order and flow, this is the magic of fluid love, no condition, no centre except zero point, present moment holds all possibilities.

As we go month by month in 2022 and seems each month has its own theme in rise of collective consciousness. We become more and more align with our inner power as The Creator/Divine will  embodiment and master of manifestation.

Our Crystalline heart is a divine light generator that call on the elements of nature, situations, people, flow of synchronicity and abundance into our experience as long as it is used with integrity, devotion to the Creator of all and good of all.

We are becoming more and more of our unique Expression of Divine Self and as frequency bands purifies and concludes they related sequences, our physical reality could change rapidly, and does not mean we have more physical movements, it might be possible for some part of 2022, depends on in our position in NewEarth blueprint, rules and locations, we experience a fast physical transition, including re locations, new encounters and sudden chaos even, but keep the focus to inner world and make sure the sense of Wholeness and neutrality is a constant experience.

Keep observant intact and give rest to the body whenever possible.  Our path unfolds effortless through divine plan as long as we maintain and stabilize our heart frequencies and do not resist return of old patterns, patiently continue our observant and keep doing and being /form and formless dimensional frequencies balanced, we go through April and the rest of 2022, with sense of grace and beauty.

Yes, there is war and economy crisis across the world and for many humans (3D reality) with superficial understanding of the forces at play, might be frightening and dramatic.

It is important, we send our energy to what we want to see on this planet, which is a Heaven on Earth, no violence, no lack, no hatred, no side, no limitation.

The Magical key to unlock the power of  NEWEARTH is Align Perspective with Inner Self/Divine Self.

Focusing on  crystalline heart vision, dreaming and receiving the gift of present moment, as a octave of light, individually and collectively will infuse more and more the waves of creation and direct them to Align Manifestation and flowering the divine plan as Collective Ascension  for Earth and all livings along with rest of universe to be a great Divine symphony.

Feel safe in your heart, feel one in your heart and embrace everything, allow changes, do not create new stories and replace the old, stay childlike, have full faith and trust in whatever is currently happening in your physical reality and keep listen to sound of your silence, that is where all soul codes are hidden and playfully rise to invite you into more unity with all.

Newearth is the Home of Crystalline Civilization, the more we allow the heart alchemy, the more of divine power sits in our human vessels and our intention and attention becomes an ingredient for Divine Will to create and invent new experiences and expressions for HERSELF, which now, we as awaken beings could be filled with joy and love as an active witness and collaborator in Universe.

Remember the bigger picture, Unity Consciousness.

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