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Lens of Unity consciousness March 2022

In the beginning of March, the anchoring sense of a Galactical Light Portal  came through. Higher vibrational waves of creation and assembly of NEWEarth Templates within human avatars.

 Seems as days goes by into centre of March, the blazing flame of  1.144 ,began burning away all untrue as universal waves moves us closer to neutralized Unity Consciousness.

Individually, we have entered into another level of Self Realization/ In Alchemy Chamber of Inner – God for completion of full-embodiment of  Divine Self.

It feels 2022 even asks for more courage and patience to find the deeper truth and integrate the lifetime journeys as advocate of light, and star seeds to be here on planet earth, to birth highest vibrational reality while as collectively we see No-thing manifestation tat give us a hint of the promise of Heaven on Earth. While most humanity still trapped in lower vibe of 3D, fear and limitation ad it takes much longer cycles to move from one level of conditional beliefs to the next, our light tribes are in constant quantum jump to reach their highest octave in each sequence of Collective Ascension.

For myself, March as a turning point of many months of physical swing on symptoms and constant arrival to observe everything and stop any emotional and mental bypass. It feels inner fire keep rising and as body moves through deeper integration of energy to stabilize and find harmony, a new waves of imbalance come through and energy weight turns into physical storm, the last kick was activation of Corona virus that took place about two weeks ago.

Like an instrument, my body went through fever and shiver, pitch of virus in each part of body and organs. It seems strange for a light being whom has been travelling at peak of Corona between countries and not being touched, suddenly while barely go out or have contact with people, suddenly symptoms breakdown so strong that in this aloneness, fall in bed and loss consciousness due to drop of blood sugar and body goes to shock before back again to alignment with livings.

As I witness the waves of virus across my body, I noticed the running program of codes of darkness that carried the same design as Entities I faced back in 2018 while I was travelling in Los Angeles and California and suddenly was under physic attach of dark energies. As I was resting on bed and breathing, I could feel how the slavery program in Corona works and so far has been effected many human vessels to crack them open for brainwash and loss of heart wisdom.

It was a great understanding to actually receive the Virus at this time and space, that faculty of my human vessels are fuelled by light of soul so strongly that  Covid cells actually brough a higher activation and initiation into the body that even till now that the actual Virus is dead, the  symptoms still observed and reveals an expansion in the Chamber of Inner God.

In my Human memory, every undetected emotion, thought that somehow still kept me connected with the old Earth, through the timeline of Covid surfaced and have  been released.

Was it easy? Of course not. No wounds could be rushed into healing and when we as a human avatars, are pushed either by physical or any other level of our reality to delve deeper to find balance, stability and inner peace,  we need to honor the process of how we feel with WHAT IT IS  and move forward by faith and trust in divine timing and plan.

So Covid brought a shake up in my human system, to also deliver a new sense of clarity and dedication to our Collective Ascension and how individually/or-and collectively we navigate through multidimensional bridge of Unity Consciousness to fall into divine pattern that is birthing right now the assembly phase of NEWEARTH.

To follow the thread of light and breadcrumbs into unknown is not for weak hearts. And the first wave Forerunners are so familiar to this Alone path that at one side triggers all human vulnerabilities at the other hand keeps energize the third eye vision of Galactical Reform on Earth that birthed the Crystalline Civilization.

Every Step in 2022 feels like a huge swing into Dark, into Void, Vacuumed expressions of lower frequencies and release into Light and back for recycle in Universal timelessness.

While Covid was strong in body, every inhale and exhale felt as a challenge between strength and resilience, to arrive in a moment that is not comfortable at all, asking for more of softness and acceptance while every cell in body is revaluate and elevate to rose into a new togetherness, beyond the storm that is crossing  the body. While part is leaving and part is birthing a new authentic way of being related to body. Like I never knew how precious I Am as a physical reality.

It appeared that after years of complete surrendering to divine will, finally a cosmos marriage is taking place. and power source is injected into Body system, while in each layer of its activation, a virus runs a program to erase the old and neutralize the body for new.

Through Covid program, a Shock/Lightening took place that brought new activation codes are fully and while my body might not be able to move or do much yet, this activation brought even more alignment in freedom codes in physical vessel.

 It feels a layer of cosmos grids rotated, rearranged its holographic design as each day passed from the beginning of storm in body, I noticed all interpretation linked to any belief, or undigested emotion stored in the body cells are fully removed. Mental and emotional bodies are  fully erased and a new pattern divinely designed is coming to life as part of my Human upgrade into A Galactic Being. This feels the Universal  Portal the birthed a NEW consciousness in my human experience.

It seems the recent events and personal experiences have been significant and therefore it felt align to be shared on this platform. Consider the fact that I also need to leave my current resident end of April and Turkey Visa is also only valid for another two months, these changes within holographic of soul and in relation with body and physical, could not be just individual experiences, I am certain many of awaken light beings are in process of many fast changes that their mind could not understand or make sense of it. We have found strength is face of diversity and impossible Scenarios, and we keep finding more courage and faith, in every day, in every way to be available as a free agent for Service of love and truth, to be used by divine will and this might never makes sense as we no longer a limited version of ourselves, we have moved into our Cosmos design and that is Eternal and timeless.

Predictions and big words on politics and social climates have no say on Seraphim Joy Foundation. To Birth the NEW Earth, we truly need to let go of all aspects of Ego mental requirement to feel special, knowledgeable and opinionated. The best way through Divine Storms, is accepting the moment as it rise, respectful for all life facets, see neutral value in everything, everyone. Unknown is our path to Heaven on Earth, where no knower can enter. Truly see the Nothing-ness and joy will be the reward of all fools that choose love for no reason, for no gain, for no audiance.

Relate to life, with simplicity, humbleness and sense of wonder and meet God in every corner of your being and the world reflects the sameness of all.

Our way of thinking, relating becomes more powerful by rise of every vibration through choices and responses we make in any moment. The power of observation is called by collective consciousness, in now, either we like our physical reality of not, is irrelevant to divine organization.

Our capacity as a NEWEARTH MAGNETIC MANIFESTOR is in direct relation with staying NEUTRAL of human preferences and focus on what we want as Soul Collective ( Natural ) to take place for Good of All.

March 2022 turned to be the greatest Alchemy Chamber to meet THE INNER GOD, and Be UNITED Through water and fire,  for many Mother Seeds and Forerunners that are placed on Earth to be the Deliverance of UNITY Consciousness.

We must keep choosing consciously and recognise the power link between our NEW EMOTION and MIND SET with the Avatars Body. As the Embodiment patterns are speeding up,  freedom and creations codes of NEW Earth, birthing new algorithm and holographic designs.

To connect the dots of Frequency templates of New earth, we need flow more effortless in ocean of all possibilities and dream more of Heaven on Earth, another word, call in stronger remembrance of Souls into physical, by choosing only WHAT WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE.

Which is UNITY,

Which is Love,

Which is God.

The SYSTEM is in place within our Heart Maps, the frequencies or vision is getting stronger and more clear as we move collectively into our chosen realities and let go of anything/anyone that no longer support/align with our LENS of UNITY CONSCIOUESNESS.

 See All through Mind of ONE, and the framework of NEWARTH will be assembled by breathing Through Heart of ONE.

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