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March 2022 Ascension portal, Enery update

We are the edge of a radical birth as Civilization and Earth future. The ending of years of retreat, reform, collective rejuvenation, purification after purification as all layers of Human-Self and Soul-lifetimes.

Here, Now is the moment that we can demolish the ego barriers between what we assume for centuries as “ I am”and Be ( full embodiment of True Self).

March 2022 is a Universal Portal that we are standing at the edge of many realities. At one hand, Kali, the Goddess of destruction and dissolution pushing us, individually and collectively to raise above the darkness within us, go deeper beyond known water, into fire of final Universal Alchemy

And become One with joining consciously as part of a Whole, with  the rising energy of Heaven on Earth reality or fall into old orbit of repeated cycles of mind, emotion and stories after stories that keep us still in separation.

When we look into Mirror, who and what triggers us? Russian invading Ukraine? Corona Vaccine? Puppet Master and  chain on possessions and puppet land of Amaerica?

Which pull us more into mind, to voice an opinion, take actions, judge and have a final say? are these realities, bearer any truth? Or your heart moves away from social media and prediction and promotions for better life.

Life never gets better or worse that this moment. And this moment asks for everything  in us, to stand transparent, and empty.

Yes, we are inside the void and all darkness that is holding the LIGHT that constantly glowing brighter and more powerful by our faith, consistency to meet our truth, and choose alignment with the divine will and crystalline heart sound.

March 2022, is a month between edges of Enlightenment, Void  and Sword of Kali. Universal energy is speeding up, we all feel  heat of transformation in our physical bodies, the burning out of thr OLD Earth and Birth of  NEW Energy level to manifest  Heaven on earth.

Understanding the laws of universe by heart wisdom, keep us neutral and wise as through crossing this month, we will meet many options and possibilities to either take us back to lower cycles or allow us to enter a complete new inner and outer experiences  that brings confirmation of how Heavenly every moment is, on sacred NewEarth and long life of Self -Observation to maintain  the balance between form and formless state of Being-ness.

Are we ready to take full responsibility for our dream of peace, health, joy, togetherness and power of unity which transform the future of earth from School of Human species to a Galactical Embodiment of Purity and oneness.

This month, attend to every cell and part of your being. Are they toxin in the body, or unresolved emotions, anger, superiority, all delusional self righteousness to look into the screen of the world and again and again assume, judge, predict, and impose a value to life happenings, like war is bad and one opponent is supported and the other condemned. There is no winner in duality, as long as we focus on what is not align to highest vibrational band of Unconditional love  and Now and here, we are always become puppet of some Egoistic government or even a cause.

Water the garden, meet each flower with same care, true compassion is acceptance of what it is.  And no reality change by words, but by our deeds.

When overwhelmed with all frequency changes, physical symptoms, the world that no longer nurture our essence, take a deep breath, and look above your head, see the stars and Milky way, remember, life of cosmos is borderless and boundless, they are galaxies and universes beyond our mind vision and understanding.

What is possible for this moment? To have faith, to feel the beating heart. To trust your path, and deep love of Mother of Creation. This is how we are calling the Birth of NewEarth into our experiences. The inner Earth is pounding within each cell of awaken avatars, souls here ,in now of this planet to support Ascension process.

Everything related to a chosen perception. And Yet truth is One.

This Month, we are facing ourselves in a way that there is no going back, o even for a moment.

We are marching as a revolutionary Souls/Stars seeds and it is time to Step up into more of our true essence.

The Universal portal birth through each soul birth as a portal and House of Light, on NewEarth platform. This movement of Spirit has been designed and programmed million years ago for this time and space as a planetary upgrade.

 Humanity has been prepared for this huge jump of vibrational reality since 4BC, by arrival  Yeshua, as a chosen embodiment for the first transmission of LIGHT of UNITY CONSCIOUESNESS.

 His crucifixion was a blood transfusion in consciousness of Earth and Humanity, a shock in the Body of Collective and after that repeatedly small and major happenings on this planet, through religious and non- religious individual  stars seeds kept accruing until the last 150 years, that the fire of alchemy raised to a level that activated the Galactic program/Collective Ascension and through the its geometric design, many formless Seeds that had no physical experiences, only Light vibrational reality within  Divine Self are called into physical Earth, as their heart(s) carries the blueprint of NEWEARTH, replica of Galactical and celestial frequency bands, these are TimeMasters that currently divine will works through their Collective MIND and REMEMBRANCE, to birth  the first template of energy structure of newEarth.

 March 2022, is the final count down to All Called Souls to completely release all lower frequencies, connections, desires, habits. The inner NewEarth birth by end of March, will be significant synchronicity, serendipity, arrival of required abundance  to fuel all movement of formless into form,   to begin collecting, gathering, funding, planting establishing all  component of Assembly phase of Newearth.

 This is the highest Timeline that shapes through  The Manifestor Seeds/ BlueRay Sirius/ MasterBuilders from June 2022 onwards.

Great Gatherings are upon us across this planet. The time has arrived to take Actions, To voice our Heart whatever song is there to be sing.

Our steps become more gentle, more govern by Majestic Presence  and no ego operational system could hide from the Observant. As True Self is Divine Self and we each came this far by trusting our love bond with Mother of All, God the Creator.

Begin writing a journal for this specific month, tape your voice, paint your feelings, design your dream. Do whatever takes you closer to InnerEarth. Body has to be heard, embraced and come in full balance. Ending the symptoms is our own choice, as long as we think waves are coming form somewhere out, we still has sense of duality. Universe in inside us, healing, balance, and power, are all within us.

We are the finalizing the Embodiment process. And yes, this might not be the case of many beings, however, the final sequence of Universal Harmonica Frequency band is completed in  frontier souls and first waves seeds.

March and April  will be still some adjustment within self, receiving body in a new way. Having a complete New Emotional body, Even light body layers are merged into a New Format.

There is Universal Transfusion on entire cosmos. Imagine the human body, while growth hormone is working, cells go through major upgrade, body height, size/ portion, organ abilities all upgraded for a ore advance experience.

The current of Ascension indicates, we are constantly prepared for something at higher octave of creation and if we not make the required adjustment, our daily experience/mirror reflects that.

As purification takes place, we observe, recognise, allow, and accept the current reality. Within each of us a magnet/ crystalline heart  is working, it attracts in alignment, it also release in non-alignment.

All physical experiences, emotional experiences, mental space and silence are parts of different stages and sequences of galactical upgrade. Of course for many of us, this will not take place within this current physical body, but we each shall complete our soul purpose in this lifetime and timeline of NewEarth manifestation, because we are AWAKEN and Here.

For March, practice Contentment with everything and everyone. See, how easy a role could be played, changed to another without attachment to control or a desired outcome.

Listen to Earth Vibration, it assist balancing our physical Body in a new level. This is the end of Human as a 3D version and birth of Crystalline Human.

2022 will be full of rapid changes, joyful synchronicity, easy transformation, listening to heart, gentleness and patience with body and all related physical transition into more balance and connection with Source as life.

Share your voice, your song and expression. Find newness within, observe yourself in a playful way, keep your focus on what heart choose, pay attention when triggered by outer realities, stories, people. They are new creations waiting to be born by each awaken Soul.  Feel the divine will inside, let frequency regulate the action plans, always work in alignment. Keep Ego always under observation. Self- Inquiry is the best companionship.

NewEarth is Calling us Home. Great Gatherings and spiritual movements are shaping with new connections and relations, or the current way upgrades to more transparency.

We are here to liberate humanity from chain of lower mind and unite with the Mind of One.

Our Mission is to become One with the Bliss we are.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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3 thoughts on “March 2022 Ascension portal, Enery update”

  1. A lot of things resonate in this post, beloved Sister, especially after what I noticed in the past few days. It’s amazing that the turn of a month (February into March) can make such a difference. It almost feels, at times, like winter is turning into summer!

    And yes to “self-inquiry and self-observation being our best companions.” I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Thank you beloved brother for your sharing and input. It is a fast speed transition into New, reality keeps changing, like winter into summer. 😀

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