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Ascension 2022, Year of Balance, rooting and Assembly of NEWEarth Templates

2022, Year of Balance, rooting and Assembly of NEWEarth Templates

 As “Now” becoming stronger in our collective ascension to meet and experience Divine/ the source in everything, inside and outside. We could witness waves of alignment with Earth, solar activities, Galactical Sun, that fuels the ascension process.

After a heavy lifting and release of much lower frequencies in 2021, we collectively made the choice to take responsibility for our daily experience (Now moment), filtering thoughts/ Emotions before a cycle and sequence is created that mis mash our frequency bands.

 Our constancy in witnessing Self as a Whole and One UNITED in all realities, is  an important part of divine alchemy and ascension process of how the anchoring of New Earth Physical Templates will be in 2022 onwards.

 June 2021, we published an article on Crystalline Civilization/ Human Nova, as part of  three, it will useful to review it again.

Now we are prepared to BE  fully present in OUR CHOSEN  physical reality, and as our crystalline heart sound  guide us as blueprint of our unique soul unfolds as part of  Foundation (root Consciousness) of First Template of NEWEARTH, we witness how effortlessly serendipity, synchronicity and divine will move us to a higher dimensional reality, moment by moment.

If fear or judgment raised again it is due to collective ascension and part of collective clearing, unless there is a lower frequency, ego operational ( covered up) still happening and ask for our attention.

Year of Balance, and re-rooting as LIGHT UNIT

2022 is a very different year from the last few years, it brings stability and balance and a new sense of unity and relationship with outer reality, others as well as daily life, social happening and Natural events.

we have been through massive transition from 5 sensory being to multi- dimensional being.

Years of physical symptoms & pain, lack of direction and loss of human identity, through dramas and des-ease, finally is coming to an end, as our embodiment and acceleration in Frequency bands finally begins stabilizing in physical avatars and entire 2022 is about learning to how BE in Now,

 how to listen with our new Human/Avatar faculties. Our bodies need to come in full alignment with Monad Soul,  as Divine plan/ the first NEWearth Template is coming in form as foundation of Unity consciousness that is birthing Heaven on Earth reality.

2022 began, by  first wave Forerunners being pulled into Self Care and Nurturing. A new level of intimacy with their physical vessel is activated, access to a higher data the advance star systems have been using. This is a new steps of transformation of Humanity to a Crystalline Civilization.

For most of humanity in 3D, aging of body has numbers, somewhere between 70- 100 years seems acceptable to enter transition of physical death. But on NEW earth reality, avatar age could be as long as 300 years old.

The injection of advanced Star Systems Data in our collective consciousness, opens us to new perceptions and visions of HEALTH,  BALANCE, REJEVENATION.

The energy of these data is coming to the most needed avatars right now which are first wave forerunners ( earth age 50 -above) as the have crossed the most intense frequency recharge, DNA upgrades and soul journey on earth, to be used in Ascension transformation Humanity into Galactical Civilization.

 For myself, the last few months going through physical fire and hell of imbalance in my eyes, completely shifted to  a new level of consciousness as well as perceived reality, consciousness at all levels plugged into a new level of Energy and Data that assist to restore physical healing and balance in avatar as fast as possible in time. In only few weeks, sense of health and balance returned.

For years and months, my consciousness was out of body, in emptiness, in galactical and celestial timeline, days passed and I barely noticed a sense of self ( human feelings, thoughts) and pain and discomfort, all physical experiences were accepted as what it is,  it was no link to source as the body, no border or fuel to make any change, or seek solution. Just Observant eternal.

Only recently, after collective crossing on rainbow bridge in October 2021, body became activated. The sense of imbalance began voicing in body,  eyes were extremely dry, like a burning Sun, it was pain and agony for months and no  eyes drop had any effect.

I was moved to  explore Ayurveda medicine. As some actions shaped, the inner guidance became even stronger, within body a new intelligence was communicating.

All autopilot habits were brought into observation, eating, watching, sleeping, listening, something NEW was fully AWAKE and as I chose more trusting the new voice in my body, new visions began to arrive. How all past, present, and future is accessible as point of reference for Humanity, to restore Balance, for themselves as well as Earth, the planet.  

I even began daily exercise and movement which basically for the last 16 months, was almost none.

To this moment, I have not felt that sharing my personal soul journey is require, but it feels 2022 is the beginning of a new set of Divine rules and flow finally had a change in direction and inviting us to become active as a LIGHT Unit, there is a sound uncontrolled echoing, as words, or actions, or just present, we just have to honour the moment as whatever it rise.

 Divine Will Manifestation has to flow completely in all power points on Earth to harmonise and link locations and avatars in first Assembly phase, we might experience complete new way of expression,  part of personality returns that support certain activity or ability.

 These are all part of re-rooting phase of Higher Frequency holders/forerunners as LIGHT UNIT. January and February still feels like moving through mud, but it gets lighter and lighter by April 2022.

May brings clarity like never before, collectively and individually we connect to our inner purpose, but not through mind, more as a new Light UNIT.

 We feel rooted in NEWEarth reality,  energized by Divine Will, the Unity Matrix starts shaping as become more align as part of Whole in Divine plan.

We might never see or understand our lives as before 2022.It is the newness of Assembly time and template of Newearth reality.

 It feels like a lucid dream, easiness, alignment in and out, feeling balance and well-being. inner silence expands and there is knowing of what is next coming to our experience.

Soul Types and Assembly of New Earth First templates

As our bodies appear different and our connection with food, weather, sleep patterns all are follow certain individual alignment, our soul types are also different.  This is apart from roles so far we took on in Ascension process, as gatekeeper, gridworker, wayshower, frequency holder,…

For Newearth Assembly phase, it is our Original Blueprint/Mother seed that comes to full activation.

Each incarnated soul in this physical reality carries one, two or all three Founder flame frequency/ray/ seed of Monad God. The universal Founder rays are blue Ray Mother, Magenta  Ray Mother, Golden Ray, each carries a note of universal Harmonica that together, make up the Entire Universal Creation and fifth Harmonica Universe.

When a soul carries all three Rays, they are in full embodiment of Monad Head and have flexibility and abilities that make them the Mother Board/StarGATE of Assembly phase of NewEarth as well as Magnetic force to attract and influence abundance flow to energize the Lightbody/ LightLands/Lighthouses of first Template which is coming to activation from 2022 till 2027.

Forr example Blue Rays have connectivity with Sirius energy and empower Master builder souls in this time and space . If the soul carries the frequency of Galactical Sirius Blue Ray/ MasterBuilder and Celestial Guardian  Founder Races, they will be pulled into full activation of Vision within their physical Avatar and become more and more align to Birth the  frequency/ geometry template of Fifth Harmonic Universe On New Earth. 

Now, Awaken souls  could fully perceive the link and  connectivity of Celestial, Galactical and Earth timelines, as well as their own dominated founder flame and choose accordingly and in alignment with their original blueprint.

That is what we call, LIGHT COLLABORATION, as the source within all of us already put the program in our souls blue print, and in this time and space, if we fully accepted to surrender to Divine will and stay committed to deactivate Ego program,  be used in service of Collective Ascension, will experience the dance of joy, beauty and oneness in a way that never been before experienced on earth.

When we are in energy balance, mind, body ,emotion, and linked to The source without any energy leakage, we experience peaceful estate of Being in Heaven, complete harmonious with everything.

That is the space of Zero point that all possibilities rise.  A balanced crystallize heart is a strong magnet to work with life force. This reality is not an external reality, it is flow of unconditional love to all directions which fulfil us first, LIGHT UNIT, and extend to all as divine plan and will conducts, like how water flows from ocean to all rives and lakes and streams. Higher consciousness rules the lower ones, this is part of Law of ONE.

The only preparation for 2022, is to be open, to be here, to Be.

Website update

It is  decided to keep the website on WordPress platform, will be some changes and new format on articles and Newsletter. As well as more sharing through Podcast, PowerPoint and some soul inspiration.

It feels to bring more love, beauty, share kindness in everything we do and we are.

May Seraphim Joy Foundation be such an entry gate to Heaven on Earth.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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