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NewEarth Birthed, Assembly Harmonica Template of 2022

NewEarth Birthed of Template One – Harmonica Template of 2022

General Outlook

As the last days of January 2022 is coming to an end, something has shifted forever on  planet Earth, as well as humanity. Many sensitive  souls, awaken or not could have been sensing ” Homecoming” as a vibration in their hearts, echoing an active memory in their soul blueprint, like roots of sky and stars pulsing in our blood stream.

Everyday this flow is in process of transcending; reshape and restructure of  life system  in Human Vessels as a carrier of a New level of Consciousness, which now truly is birthed as NEW EARTH Dimensional/physical reality.

We have become the generator of template One of NEW EARTH, our diamond crystalized hearts, effortlessly conduct a certain happening, individually and collectively to build an actual template of frequencies and energies regulation that is creating an unseen platform across the planet/ the world of matter/ our Human Civilization, to hold and carry the ARCHE OF DIVINE LOVE as HEAVEN ON EARTH reality.

Sink into this energy, that is a new energy in our human body.

It has been dormant since birth and our childhood. The sensation rises from back of head skeleton and the pulse shiver goes up and down the spine, it might brings heat in a middle of torso and Manipura chakra.  

If body is not balanced, this awaken frequency   might come with headaches, pain in eyes,  strong symptoms as imbalance of liver, digestion system ( fire) which is heat system of body, back pain, sleep pattern, anemia, sudden rush of aggressive and hostile emotions, anger, impatience, all that trapped inside body organs.

It might  bring back some part of erased personality which associates with lower frequencies through human journey, it also reflects any habitual low behaviour pattern, that still might be running in our vessels.

Some might already felt this change from 23rd December 2021, like the body is plugged to a new energy network of soul, also a stronger frequency band with Monad Soul.

For physical body if not balanced and align, this might have been a Cause of physical storms, depends on the age and vessel gen heritage. For the first Waves  of Stars seeds ( 50 years age- above)  probably will have more physical symptoms from August 2021 until now.

The body carries more toxin at deeper level and now to embody new frequencies, need 100% purification of vessel to continue the physical reform and evolution to allow our soul integration, to bring us into advancement of a galactical Beings.

This frequency that ultimately brings UNITY To all planet, is I AM GOD harmonica Song, which is replica of Divine Self, currently rooting in all awaken hearts.

It carries such a peaceful Nirvana kind of sense.

 It is the source of our soul pulses, natural and powerful, its orbit is the repetition of Plasma light of our Origin. Each star seed on planet Earth is linked to a Layer of Mother Consciousness that currently channelling our human vessels/avatars to bring us into alignment with Cosmos Orchestrated Harmonical song. Along with our DNA Transformation, we are coming to full activation of our Soul Energetic Frequency Band and that effortlessly ( if mind has stopped) makes our human activities in alignment with a part we play/located  in Divine Organization/One Foundation.

What is taking place on earth right now, is phenomena and magical and never happened before. The hearts know this,  our mind still can not grasp, perceive  or understand this, something in each living human that have crossed the rainbow bridge back in October 2021, awaken to her god-like existence, feel this NEWEARTH vibrational on and off.

 For some, is momentary and for others, it is a daily reality, to hear and sense the vibration through their bodies. It has no relation to coming solar flares and  Earth energy/electromagnetic movements, it is within our physical bodies, in our blood stream, stabilizing through Central Soul ( individual and group soul) as the template of New Earth pulse getting stronger.

Yet within this harmonious song, are Avatars set up is changing. Imagine group of cells that till yesterday are working together due to Growth Hormone, are moved to different part of body and assigned to new relations and tasks. None of their choice, the fluid of hormone, transformed everything in one Peak of Time.

For our human Civilization, this happened now. The seeding is completed, the fetus is born.

Now all is left for awaken Souls is ALLOWING the flow of Divine will Embodiment in every choice that rise, in every challenge, our human vessel might face, staying witness, in neutral state and natural choices is the only possibility.

Even a moment of disharmony through an old belief, projection, creates a downfall loop in frequency that alert us from not being in Divine Will flow.

This works like a falling into a gravity, free and light, the energy is holding us, as it gets more rooted in our beings, we each observe and receive insights on all parts of Self, all Frequency bands, physical, mental, emotional, Soul, all has to come banded to our Mother Band Consciousness.  

This is our marriage with ONE Force that never been embodied before on Earth, as group souls and its expansion is getting faster, as Gaia frequencies rising to align and match with Galactical Universal.

For heaven manifestation, every human vessel’s blood cell has to be neutralised in peace, in harmony with life system. 

If you stumbled on this page and reading this, tune in to your heart. And listen. You are on agreement path with Divine Source to be an agent of freedom and peace for the planet and human civilization.  

The best way to  access the vision of NEWEARTH template One, is to tune into the heart vibration, listen for few days, it feels like waking up from amnesia, after a deep emotional, mental  detox, all human unprocessed emotions has been flashing  out for months.

There is a newness in You, unknowing of what is next, no more expansion, just presence, being with a deep sense of peace &  security that I am home.

see Aquarius Age

January  until April 2022, we need to honour our inner guidance according to new reposition in NEWEARTH template one. For some might be fully focused on physical vessel health, balance, renewal of  some sort, to get ready for what is coming toward June 2022 which seems creative stage.

Taking time to evaluate all relations, to witness the God within and practice how to reconnect with outer reality. Life on Earth has changed forever, it will take time for many sleepwalkers to realise and release and it might be more Corona kind of shock in their life systems along the way for that level of consciousness to let go of mind and ego play and rise within the dimensional realities and open to receive more of Divine light.

For awakens, the joy of One is here. the more we allow Divine embodiment within our vessels, the more eternal we feel.

Becoming a pure avatar is part of each soul journey on this planet, it is a requirement for entry to higher dimensional experiences, but that does not mean our current existence will not face physical or mental challenges, we just allow divine will conduct our worldly affairs in a natural sense than have an opinion, agenda, or try to solve the situation by mind  and approach as a decision maker.

That still keeps us linked to 3D and 4D realities.

 If we truly know, heaven is here,

What decision is left to be made in Heaven? Except enjoy the breathing, as presence of the Creator is all we ever seek, desired and wanted. The unity is Within, is unity with-out.  

The more we experience the inner peace, the more collectively we crystalise as a civilization. For most of us, living in present must be a normal happening, for NewEarth template we are asked to be fully transparent in every moment, in our relations, especially if our outer world involves a lot of activities, having a time for self- reflection and stillness is a must in how in coming months, our light of soul empowers all livings that come across our presence.

We are fully responsible for our thoughts, feelings, actions or no actions. Our choices are reflection of soul freedom to be available to The Source for whatever purpose, her Will wishes us to be used.

Humbleness, gratitude of heart, simplicity of mind, and being in present, openness to all, are the best companionship.

the world has stopped, there is no out or in. It is all One.

 it is all self -Monologue of One.

This remembrance is to forget the body at one hand and, to be fully aware of our physical power as a manifestor and creator at the other hand.

How could we live in field of all possibilities, while mind has disappeared and we become an agent of divine will to be a re-creation agent for Earth and humanity?

How this NEWEARTH template shapes 2022 and years to come?

 These questions rise in all of us, there is no knower as such, and yet we equally can access divine records, receive guidance, data.

We equally are powered to perceive One Foundation as our original reality and New Earth the beginning of our Human civilization reform to a Galactical one.

Harmonical Layout of 2022- Template  One  Assembly phase

The first organ of template one is Heart purity, that is the Zero point of Creation.

In the first Geometric light template of New earth, the awaken avatars that carry the three flame holders consciousness are Mother Manifestor of the frequencies. These vessels have been through all level of heart purification and alchemy, fructification of their consciousness, to become an embodiment of Majestic presence.

 Through them Abundance of NEWEARTH shall flow to our  network of Light to manifest physical platform for the transition of energy template one to physical template one.

They are the guardian consciousness which due to their soul design, foreseen into Future/ Blueprint of NEWEARTH /Galactical Planet and adjust the course of Newearth energy creation ( Divine Will Manifestion). In the geometric term of any design, they are points that hold stronger points( more lines cross that point),  these souls have the softest and most fluid consciousness to be used and reshaped by Divine will.

In their physical mind, each layer of frequency band to be assembled through group souls, must be perceived, and experienced till it arrives in physical matter.

 Yet this complete design is a fluid design and in constant shift and reshape  according to our collective consciousness.

The more stable we become in our heart pulses which its fragrance is unconditional love and equality in humanity, the faster crystallizing shapes through light and divine will. Awaken souls are mediator between timeless and time, formless and form, and soul seeds only follow their own orbit of frequencies in building of New Earth template.

This is the first assembly actions starting in 2022 which manifests the first Light houses,( spaces of neutrality and naturality of Divine Source), Light institutes, foundations, groups;  where awaken souls could gather and equally  merge in light councils, communities, produce platforms across the planet which Master Builders waves (mostly Sirius star seeds) will architect the design and Newearth  projects.

This is completely different that our human knowing of lightworker, light communities. This is not our choosing or planning for collaboration. This is the ABSOLUTE  divine will flow which only shapes in now.

Primary component of the Newearth template one is activation link between your Soul and the Source. Any desire to perform a role for the sake of outer reality/the world is an ego base tendency and need to be dissolved. And that is why the first few months of 2022 basically is individual  practice to hear the harmonica sound in our own blood /consciousness stream before re-connect  and assembly as/with soul groups and Mother Consciousness Manifestor.

It is required to perceive clearly and collectively through  our heart centres, the Vision of  Newearth /Template one, has birthed in frequencies bands. In 2022, all assigned seeds will arrive to their most align frequency band of soul to participate and collaborate in building phase and assembly of NEWEARTH physical experience.  

Notes to reader: Over the last few months, I have been experiencing major challenges with my eyes and vision and not able to use any visual electrical devices, I am hoping new remedies be effective and I return to writing and creating.

It is my wish to restructure or design a complete new website for Ascension and NEWEARTH related articles in due time. ( spring 2022).

If you wish to stay in touch, it is  suggested to subscribe on this page, so your email automatically be transferred to the new platform.  

Love and light

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