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LIGHT WORKFRAME in 2022/ Crystalline Civilization seeds plantation

LIGHT WORKFRAME in 2022/ Crystalline Civilization seeds plantation

Last night as our planet moved through Sirius Gateway, the frequencies of Blue Rays Master builders charged to the highest band  of the Creator Self /Zero point of creation.  A reset in swing of pendulum of time, all old, and lower vibrational realities are removed from the collective Awake Avatars. January 2022, is an opening to receive huge inspirational frequencies, discover abilities unknown to our human self, while Soul has always been the guardian of our divine gifts.

To see and observe the entire blueprint of NEW EARTH will become the major happening in 2022 for many awaken souls that their DNA is upgraded and a the old self and mind had still a play until to this point, that time and space filled with so much of higher Octave of Divine Sounds and waves of Higher realm frequencies, never universe felt so strong in each one us, as a portal and a free agent of awakening.

We have crossed over into a true NEW template that her geometry design and multilevel spins supports NEWEARTH Blueprint activation and coming online fully as the MOTHER WORKFRAME of Light.

All  flows from the Crystalline heart of One, as waves ( earth electromagnetic, Solar Waves, Galactic transported Consciousness through Avatars seeds, Lyrian, Sirius, Pleiadian,) divine  plan shaping the Divine Organization, in this time and space, on physical Earth.

January will be a space of stillness, inward, upward. Our geometric pattern of soul is coming together as a NEW DESIGN as energy flows from Central Sun and waves of light gently clearing the wasted energy/ low frequencies/dark matter of OLD EARTH and recycle to its potent and neutral state, to become available and open for NEW EARTH Assembly template one.

as above, so below, as within, so with-out.

In coming months, the original founder seeds/beings, as completing their embodiment as Divine Master Builder in Avatars vessels,  also generate and  hold the FREQUNCIES’s ceiling of all that will takes place in 2022 on planet as well human civilization,  and weaves the Geometry of the first Newearth Template.

Their DNA Carries the original Design of Unity Matrix,   a replica  of  the Galactical Stars Light Council of 12 +1( Mother/ Womb of creation).

We can say, 2022 is year of different layers of NEWEARTH consciousness fields blooms. At one layers, we individually expands through ascension and arrival of inner Light ( Enlightenment) while within our multidimensional realities as our soul blueprint comes more and more in alignment with Divine Organization design, we are pulled in and out of 3D Earth, to discover the new fields of our frequency radiance, as well as fall into flow of Unity Matrix pattern waves, so our LIGHT  WORKFRAME begin to reshape replica to original Design of Cosmos, Galaxy, Unity Matrix and NewEarth.

Many have called this Flower of life( the Flower of Life symbol is a two-dimensional illustration that contains 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles)a geometric design, for some it appears a closed repetition, for others an open one.

The truth and power  of  seeds of life lies in formless building block of Zero point/ pulse of creation,  even an imagination of that limits its vibration. Cosmos is a geometric living pulse which could not ever take form, it is important to view all perceived realties a symbolic hint of unlimited, a drop of relevant truth is within life templates.

However, human vessels are designed as a visionary beings in the world of matter, try to only  observe and yet avoid any definition. Not spirituality no science has arrived to that level of purity, to see through Divine’s Vision.

 Perhaps  birth of Crystalline Civilization is for that purpose.

Consciousness of our planet and human  race is on a fast track ascension due to emergence of keeping life cycle intact.

2022, will be a year full of quantum jumps and power of 22 is a leading  force, for the next 7 years to follow, to have all Human’s DNA upgraded by nature of life system, frequencies of 22, will be a constant loop of  frequencies bands, birth and rebirth, clearing, purifying  until Seeds of Crystalline Civilization planted on the entire planet, harmoniously and effortlessly connects the Unity Matrix Network, which is linked to milky way Consciousness of Galaxies and different levels of Cosmos portals of light and Divine Presence.

 This energy work at its core will brings massive changes into our current civilization, Human value system will be upgraded to function beyond emotions and mind. By shifting toward the neutralized, and equal-ship; we move with Earth as a One Unit beyond our current  planetary boarder line, ultimately becoming a Totality of EQAUL value of Life as a Galactical Civilization.

When we want to build a house, we trust our Architect because he/she have listened to our requirements, have designed and evaluated the structure, materials, timetable, location, working crew, expenses, duration of design, yet along the way, things happen, plan changes, we add more rooms, we make new requests, weather might challenge the finishing time, crew might delay, or work faster.

 They are so many factors that no matter what we wish for and how expert our chosen Architect. Building a home, contains of many steps and experiences, giving, unity effort, expertise, patience, flexibility, strong faith, love for beauty and creation, humour, excitement, equal-ship, acceptance, surrendering and finally receiving and happiness.

Now, Breathe!

1st January 2022 is the first day alone with your heart, you are born today.

listen, feel what kind of home you want to build, who is your chosen Architect. What excited you? All old of you are removed.  Hear the inner seer, feel the inner creator, be who you are.

Gently take steps, January is time of evaluation, inner inquiries, but not of a 3D or human belief system, ask the soul of one, what God am I representing. This is truly the embodiment of GODLIKE Avatars, celebration of the innocence.

Our collective Light Workframe is shaping through our crystal heart sound.

Gaze into your own eyes, in the mirror of the world and see the FUTURE in Now, feel the heart, choose with joy within, forget all outer realities, connections, relations, listen to divine heart.

New Earth is you, breathing Love, inhale devotion, exhale joy. This joy is different than human understanding of joy. It is timeless, it is centred in Heart, in your Relation with Yourself, dissolved in God.

There is NO space to arrive, to wish, to feel lack, to want. As whatever your heart of One desires, even might be completely out of your daily pattern and flow, let it be heard, let it show you new steps into not knowing what will be weaved in a few weeks of months. It is time to trust only to inner heart, this is divine will, watering our consciousness to grow the ONE Root, One Foundation.

If we want a peaceful and loving planet;  human communities, we must begin with ourselves. We must become the flow of water/divine will to grow and cultivate seed for light.

The time of talk, spiritual education, healing, preaching, hiding in caves, alone or together, it has come to an end. Symphony of One is echoing in entire cosmos.

Divine love is the music that when one opens their ears, it brings such a force into roots of your souls and bodies. It is a peaceful state and yet fiercely and passionate. The spontaneous magic appears from no where and yet the entire cosmos is on time and precis, simple and perfect.

Life within herself carries all death and birth, carries the most compassionate force, Breath is UNCONDITIONAL. You are unconditional.

Wishing each being, to receive her own grace and beauty as divine will unfolds the destiny of Light across cosmos.

Joy of Totality.

5 thoughts on “LIGHT WORKFRAME in 2022/ Crystalline Civilization seeds plantation”

  1. Beautiful! Resonates so fully in my heart. Thank you for your service and love. Wishing you and us all, beauty and love beyond our imaginings. Cheers to 2022! We have made it. Well done us!

  2. So heartfelt that we find confirmation of our inner world of intuitive thinking from source.. And your post resonated with all that I said and feel as we enter into our New Earth Year of 2022.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I am sure as we peel away our own layers Gaia’s layers will also peel to reveal a whole New Earth of discovery .. Both in our History and within our own makeup and lineage…
    Happy New Year Seraphim.. Bless you

  3. Thank you Linda for your message and kind wishes. May in totality and unity, divine presence lighten all paths to liberation and eternal joy.
    Happy 2022!

  4. Thank you Sue for your message and reflection of oneness. Ascension is a peeling device 🙂 and as long as the human garments hold the light, we along the earth, grow into more of unveiled beauty of life, magic and harmoney.
    Our sharing is more of a data download than an individual thoughts and opinion. The purpose of sharing is merely a moment pause and gaze into infinite possibilities that each moment offers.
    Wishing you a unique and heartwarming new year, entry to NewEarth daily experience of timeless presence and tremendous joy of being you.

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