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2022 Year of Assembly – Embodiment of NewEarth Templates in Matter

As  final days in 2021 are on their count down, the vision of coming year 2022, is crystalizing in horizons of the ones with clear hearts, to recognise the fractional movement of divine will from formless into form ( physical reality). The assembly and embodiment of NewEarth templates across the planet.

2022 -2028 earthy time are where the main frequency and energy assemblies on our planet will take place. Wherever we are in relation to totality of Divine plan for Evolution of Earth and Human kind, in what stage of consciousness our energy bands are stabilized and we have completed our sequences, we enter a new reality, new role and outlook.

For some this might still be in development, for others this will be their final dominating Vibrational reality in their physical body until depart the planet earth.

The last few months have been intense, we either not at all or barely could detect or recognise ourselves as what used to be (our Human story). The soul journey that once perceived as a straight line to Enlightenment, with some valleys and mountains along the way, is completely   transformed to a multilevel and multi- dimensional galactical and celestial reality templates within a timeless space, constantly changing within ocean of life and accumulating LIGHT of the Creator into each experience.

 Every aspect of the mortal human, the believes are cleared. We are witnessing the  evolution of our multi -dimensional existence, ( avatar) as consciousness and frequencies, expanding in Divine Self, as Divine Self, living in present, openness is our new garment as a crystalline civilization. And that is how we become a galactical portal for future of Earth within our galaxy.

We have to embrace this dissolvement in unlimited and boundless space of no space of consciousness.

Take a deep breath and let inner silence sink you into the space of No space, into Form of No form, into time of No time. The complete dissolvement of Identity, the knower, the doer.

The evolution sequences are completed, mind no longer could be used more than what it is, a follower of the heart.

If you sense a fear of this boundless, nameless unknown, you still carry human aspects, and if all you sense is the disappearance and dissolvement into Nothing-ness, then you are at the edge of liberation from mind. On your way to full merge within God’s body and will, on your way to complete the final sequence of Unity and entry to NewEarth, Heaven on Earth reality.

Previously it was explained 2022 is the birth of NEW EARTH Physical body, that means the ones that are holding the pins of Higher frequencies, individually as well as in their Geometry Energy Group

 ( Body Organs of NEWEARTH) are completed the spins of each Frequency bands in the first Template (First Template contains 8 Bands), and then the rest of humanity for the coming few years, as they move through death of soul and valley of shadows, will rise to that frequency bands, that seems takes around 5 -7 years for entire planet to feel and make a choice.

While the rest of humanity going through the first Template, the first waves and forerunners will enter (have already entered )to Second Vibrational Template which eventually  manifest Light Ministries and Light Houses & Villages, Galactical Schools and Light Institutes.

 The Second Templates contains 12 frequency bands plus One Mother Frequency Band which is Monad Majestic Presence through some Avatars which are the embodiments of Divine will and Radiance of Totality.  The time for this design to come in full activation is depends on how the entire humanity shifts over the coming years 2022- 2027/9.

The purpose of our articles is not prediction, merely assistance to offer some sort of relative truth of current happenings in human consciousness evolution which is a new level of Unity and connection with the creator of all.

For many include lightworkers, and awaken souls, Awakening and Rise of Consciousness still has a link to outer reality, a role play outside, in the mirror of the world.

They connectivity with Divine source still manifested through relationships, family, group souls. While for a few, that breathe in ALONENESS, embodiment of One is completed and they are energetically Mother Seeds of NewEarth Frequencies Template in 2021.

Collectively, all fully awaken avatars in 2022 will position in assembly part of NewEarth reality. While normal 3D humanity is going through storms of political, financial, and physical reform which in some countries will bring revolution, war, separation, and conflict.

For the united front of ONE Foundation ( All is One, One is All), it brings freedom and power of choices as long as one follows  heart’s voice, surrender and submit to divine will, all works in alignment and perfection.

The stage is set for miracles, magic and abundance flow beyond concepts and restrictions.  

Try to perceive the physical reality less solid, less structured and confirmed. Universe is a music, we are part of this majestic orchestra!

The marvel of our current experiences as life is our willingness to be played in this universal reform called Ascension. And understand this could not be only limited to planet Earth. The entire galaxy is reforming. The music is playing in your vein, in your DNA. The song is getting stronger, more tuning, more pleasant, because we are listening to our hearts, following what makes us feel beautiful, connected to life, to love.  this is a written music by the Master conductor.

Accepting Now, is the only requirement to participate, and as we let go of control, opinion, flow gets easier and the clear we see the templates of NewEarth.

We meet and join more harmonious with each other in 2022 to shape assembly soul groups. Which each have a designated role and responsibility. It is the time of manifestation, but time is relevant in NewEarth creation. Everything is unfold through frequency bands, higher octaves keep the ceiling of a song while other instruments  play lower notes. This is the beginning of a manifestation phase and within itself carries construction codes which comes to activation according to blueprint of Newearth.

In 2022, pay attention to Earth Electromagnetic changes, as well as the physical body. The sudden rise of serendipity and synchronicity, movement of physical body on earth, locations, and travels between places.

It will be a year of fast changes for earth crew of Newearth. For gatekeepers and gridwrokers more stability into a certain place and certain roles. For frequency holders, time of rest, grounding and finding roots, allowing more harmonious reality to shape.

2022, is the galactical year of multiple patterns, a beginning of a new distribution of stars, rearrangement of cosmos. For us to understand all these phenomena inner and outer might be overwhelming at first, but keep remind yourself, what you see is always a chosen perception, try to give no meaning to anything, stay in wonder of present.

Truth is simple, we all knew this time is upon us, all religious books, Talmud records, Bible, Quran, all  pointed to it, within our cells there is a knowing of this Happening, this huge pull into God.

We have crossed the rainbow Bridge,  now all is One, recognise the seals of truth as its power manifests in no time. Guard yourself from any lower frequency within, pay attention to all thoughts, rise of emotions, inner resistance, following outer.

All is divine Order, Divine Will is the power of Creation. Planted seeds have been watered patiently by truth, it is time of Beauty, Peace, Relaxing in God.

Observe the Embodiment of love, within and with- out.

Be open, surrender willingly, lovingly and you will see the unseen beauty of LIGHT in Matter.

NEWEARTH is one of the greatest manifestation of Light in Matter.

We are the co -creator with God in this, in now, in forever.

Thank you for your companionship,

 May 2022 be truly a Foundation of Joy for all beings.

3 thoughts on “2022 Year of Assembly – Embodiment of NewEarth Templates in Matter”

  1. We are so ready to live the joy! Thank you for all that you are and be. May blessings of lovelight flow freely within and without us all.

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