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Final Sequence into NEWEarth 2022

Final Sequence before Assembly in 2022 – NEWEarth Articles

Personal Message 

I would like to write this article as the keeper of this platform ( Seraphim Joy Foundation) as for some years now, these data and inspirational vision have been perceived by this humble avatar, Serena.

This link will take you to my personal page and personal soul journey/heart pilgrimage, that with each step into unknown, the embodiment of Light  avatar shaped to receive  clarity and access to Blueprint of New Earth, and reflect through posts on collective Ascension and New Earth Articles.

While myself with two suitcases moving between locations and points of blueprint for activation, purification and completion of personal sequences as well as  collaboration as a  Light Avatar in our Quantum jump through dimensional  reality which is leading the Humanity and the planet Earth  to complete upgrade and transformation into a Galactical Crystalline Civilization and sphere of Light in our galaxy. 

It feels by arrival of 2022, as we are crossing the last transition before entry to assembly time of New Earth Mother Board Energy Template, roles, positions, locations and  all way of connectivity through social media as well as telepathic  within soul groups and Soul Mother are going under a new developments and upgrades. Therefore will be some changes on both sites, perhaps birth of a new platform.
It seems the road to stars has some surprises for all of us, mine usually has a hint of divine spice and resting more into state of surrendering. Over the last years Seraphim Joy Foundation received few inquiries which at the time, no respond could be offered. 

Seraphim Joy  shaped to offer a platform to reflets the progress of collective ascension, also there was this intention to create portals and sacred spaces as Light House across the planet to support our collective ascension and relocations. In time, it became clear, no matter what we plan or wish to create, our knowing is always secondary to The Divine Will and it is the best to stay in present and follow the effortless flow of life. 
I believe,  full transparency in what it is, is the way to embodiment of Truth and Divine Majestic presence. and seems now, in the final sequence of this movement into NEW, my own life is somehow melting in Divine Will and disappearing into the Unity  Matrix. 

My avatar is in Istanbul/ Turkey  since March 2021 and have been moved few times to work with intensity of vibration across Istanbul as well as South Turkey. Since January 2020, has been many physical symptoms and fast consciousness jumps that thankfully to support and funding of a light brother, made my travel and daily life comfortable. It was and it is a deep pull toward purchasing a land or house in Turkey as part of NEWEARTH/ Galactical Frequency Pin Activation which my avatar could also reside there after 13 years living in suitcases and temporary accommodations. 

I made few attempts to take actions to manifest such a place that others could also use and be a True Light House for all travels to meet in peace and unity, however over time it seemed for whatever reason Divine will is not supportive and the funding I have received continued  supporting my move between Aribnb and other temporary spaces
Recently my dearest brother and light collaborator informed me that he no longer in position to continue his support and my heart also has been giving pulses that a change is on horizons, and I need to go deeper in my heart and embrace the final sequence of Embodiment as Divine Will Avatar. 

Which again pushed me into  full aloneness, while crossing the physical reality of health challenges and normal abilities of body faculties, like vision or walking.
The only option seemed to begin using a credit card ( the only card I have and the Bank effortless gave me in 2019, named Clarity  ) and go step by step. So since October 2021, my food and roof over my head are provided by Clarity Card.

For the one familiar to my walk, they knew I have lost and let go of all material possessions over the years and opened up to donation in all forms, this got so intense that in 2017/18 I needed periodically sleeping in streets, airports, trains, coaches, friends and strangers floors and if lucky on a bed. 
The experience made a golden road to inner chamber of God, from my heart to hers. I died over and over to expand and allow every human part dissolves in this process. 

Now, I found myself in a different frequency band, no fear, no control, again accepting life as it is and using the card so far feels in alignment with flow of my current. 

The reason I am sharing this story is not about asking for donation and support. As there is no sense of fear, or control in avatar. Of course,  the body experience pain and has been through a lot of physical symptoms over the last 6 /7 months that also affected her mobility, but my heart is in such a peace and harmony with life that it would be against my own alignment to reach out, while all spinning inward into power of Union. 

It is clear, my being since her early age has been part of the First Waves, star seeds, volunteer soul whatever we call it and over the last few years, all aspects of personality has been shed and gone, even writing these words feels more like take a dictation from the source than anything personal! 

Our collective Devotion is to truth and Unity of All, and as I no longer in a position to plan or see what is coming, I felt to share this bit of my journey prior to my last Energy Update and NewEarth article in 2021. I hope you see and perceive this message as a light omen upon our lives, as we truly are crossing the rainbow bridges into purity and abundance of Heaven on earth and we are provided in whatever means required to be who we are, in acceptance life as it is and BE. 

Final Sequence before NEWEARTH Assembly in 2022

We are crossing the last days of 2021 as the last sequence/ semester  before birth of Our Collective Consciousness as Embodiment (Fetus ) of NewEarth first template.

 These days feeling surreal, tap in and out of physical reality ( as known by our human identity)  will continue till end of year. Our God Cells cleared in this sequence, one by one. It feels we are pushed into full observation, navigation, recognition and released of any lower frequency that somehow still has link to mind set up about life. This is the final cord cut between personality and power of Divine will that flows through our higher frequency band. 
We are in this all ALONE, ALL ONE. And it serve us better as collective, if we individually/ if you are the first eaves or forerunner to really stay in total silence and less engagement with outer reality, as spasm of higher frequencies are strong and body already to its full possibility is processing and adjusting to be more of Soul light and keep rising along the body of earth, so more of Heaven o on Earth, physically and dimensionally lands in Now for the ones ready to perceive and flow with it as ONE. 

2022 is the birth of NEW EARTH Physical body, that means the ones that are holding the pins of Higher frequencies, individually as well as in their Design of Group ( Body Organs of NEWEARTH) are completed the spins of each Frequency bands in the first Template (First Template contains 8 Bands), and then the rest of humanity for the coming few years, as they move through death of soul and valley of shadows, will rise to that frequency bands, that seems takes around 5 -7 years for entire planet to feel and make a choice.
While the rest of humanity going through the first Template, the first waves and forerunners will enter (have already entered )to Second Vibrational Template which eventually  manifest Light Ministries and Light Houses & Villages, Galactical Schools and Light Institutes.
The Second Templates contains 12 frequency bands plus One Mother Frequency Band which is Monad Majestic Presence through some Avatars which are the embodiments of Divine will and Radiance of Totality.  The time for this design to come in full activation is depends on how the entire humanity shifts over the coming years 2022- 2027/9.

Please be noted, linear timing is irrelevant in our evolution to become a Crystalline Civilization of Centre Galaxy. What is important is really to be here, in now, as awareness. 

The rest is unfolding of Divine Design. Imagine when the soil is cultivated, seed will be planted and the rest is taking care of by its own nature. 

When each soul arrives to completion of all frequency sequences ( according to their original design) like a bud, it opens up and fragrance without any force, spreads over the space. Can you perceive the easiness of Heaven, the innocence of each moment.

For earth to be such a pure and scared space that No BEing carries a violent thought,( not even for a second ) or feel less or more than a innocent Child, we are such Beings, such a purity if we truly let go of our human mind and all links to fake Self, in no time, we become children of Heaven.  

We become Birds of Paradise. This does not need to be something put in a future or if I say that or do this, this is the possibility of this potent moment, if we surrender fully to what it is without trying to make it something else, more desirable or less desirable. 

In other galaxies, other form of lives, similar to our Human Avatars have achieved this level of purity and oneness and what can come with it as a pure civilization.

The coming weeks are really significant in our Collective Consciousness shift into more purified space for presence of One. Trusting inner heart, observation of now and navigation through emotions, thoughts, practicing aloneness with silence, all are collective collaboration with the source of all, to write a new outcome for Humanity and our planet earth. This dance of shadow and light, movement through spiral vibrational reality and dimension are not new to many of us, it feels we all lived this before, we are becoming more and more into state of REMEMBRACE within God’s mind while many arrive to their First experience of these shifts into liberation form mind.

There is no knower here, we are all privileged to have access to Akasha Records of Universe, with few pure hearts with  blanc card access  that see everything through Divine Visons which comes with more responsibilities in choices of human avatars. 

In this final sequence, what counts is how we perceive ourselves. There is no authority, saviour, power OUT OF self. Everything is Here, in the Heart,

 the no ending Cycle of Transcendental. 

Be You, Be Now, Be Here.

Wishing peace, prosperity, endless love for all.

Till we meet again, at the other side of this bridge, in 2022.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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