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Ascension Article – Nov 2021

Earth is home of dreams and magic of divinity. A sacred space for truth to flourish and beauty blooms. We are chosen residents of such a beautiful planet, with colourful aurora and majestic waterfalls that connect us to light and water of heaven, this unstoppable love that abundant our soil and birth our human bodies, all are designed to an excellent pattern, repetition, and ratio.

Human Evolution is a powerful force of transformation within life system on earth. Our short-sighted understanding after era from mind has been shifted to heart centre. Now our life could not and will not be controlled by fear and self- interest. Now, the magic of heaven is dropping into our human veins, the golden light of unity, the blood of purity and truth is infusing the entire volunteer avatar bodies to merge fully into Newearth template of light.

Within awaken system in our Light communities, some beings still swinging between past roles and new ones. Keeping their followers under spell of dark agenda while preaching light and ascension activation codes!

Wake up! from being a follower to anyone/or school of spirituality.

Ascension is a self- circuit upgrade within your soul and it requires only solitary space and willingness to experience the Majestic Presence of The Creator. In time, the energy of soul open levels of inner alchemy that in every swing of frequency pendulum, removes and recycle all old beliefs, lower frequency that are stored in Body DNA AND Soul blueprint.

We might like to call these activation and rather to keep some level of storyline about Star Systems and Light Federation, or link it to Christos and Sophia reflection and masculine and feminine principles that SOURCED FROM Godhead.

We are free to perceive life in any form that make it easier for us to stay in PRESENT and BE which is a neutral estate of observation, so all that takes place within cosmos moves toward harmonious co- existence.

We human as species are reformed through upgrade of Soul to merge into a new civilization. This cradle of civilization unlike civilization of the OLD world is in service of galaxies and future of Earth planet.
This civilization that for the sake of conversation , let say Crystalline Civilization will be a new order of Divine Organization/ Purity and Innocence on our planet, as Human Species.

Many souls on current of life on earth are carrier of the SEED of Crystalline Civilization and Now is fertile Time of this Seeding. Countries/ Lands and hearts/ Avatars, since 1960s timeline have begun to enter alchemy chambers of life system on earth to get ready for Collective Ascension’s transition and transformation.

It is important that each soul within this upgrade, by herself receive the knowing and codes of soul upgrade, this requires deep solitary time and space within GodHead, so all identity, ego self, action oriented mind, all fully dissolves and stays dissolved.
It is natural to seek some sort of understanding of this new physical reality/world, (energy and frequency, ascension, Newearth manifestation,..),

but giving too much value to words and concepts introduced by others ( include Seraphim Joy Foundation) keeps the Mind logic active and that again could birth ego self ( Under cover of I am Consciousness)individually and in form of a group.

Self- inquiry and examine what truth is, is the theme of the rest of 2021.

November began with 4th Nov Solar storm and celebration Diwali, it brought climate changes, earth quakes,...this new Frequency bands are playing with human psyche to remove all separation cells, co dependency, imbalance in body fluid and intensity buried in local organs, all need to be released by end of 2021. So outer manifestation on earth, mirrors the areas we need to pay attention in our body as well.

Going through upgrade with every solar flare and witnessing physical symptoms while navigating the panorama view of consciousness is challenging for many light beings who accepted and incarnated in human avatars at this time on earth. Super Nova human!

Many are at threshold of a huge jump in frequency bands that appears as a storm of consciousness, physically accompanied with pain and discomfortable all over body, especially head and eyes. while their soul expanding into more of unity with Godhead and like a magnet writes codes and anchors light in locations on earth.

They see through Eyes of Consciousness storm, while their human vision is blur and their life might appear in limbo and shapeless, they are birthing the entire energy templates of Crystalline Civilization, pinned to Earth Electromagnetic fields that supports our planetary upgrade along humanity to enter a higher Galactical reality.

November is a month of a deep self- inquiry, heart/ soul journaling in another word. Connecting with dreams and heart wishes that truly bedded in soul blue print like a natural flow of water. It is TIME e to be in full transparency and intimacy with MOTHER Soul and Monad, so all codes within us that linked to our soul contract with the Creator of all come in full activation as we approaching 2022.

Surrendering, accepting and allowing, must be practiced, the true master soul must yields to Divine Will.
No doubt can exist for those souls. Masters chosen to be the Mother Seeds of NEW EARTH Creation and even if they are standing alone in a middle of desert with no water and no company, no shade and no strength to take one step forward, Divine Will is their One BREATH, is their NATURE.

It will move them, manifest for them, heal them, embody them. Nothing will stand in front of the storm of Consciousness, there is no return and, there is no death.
All must be upgraded or will be recycled.

The intensity of frequencies in our current physical moments, is the DIVINE FIRE that ignites the first energy template of NEW EARTH in Master Avatars body, this is final phase of embodiment before foetus born.

With birthing, Mother souls deliver flow of abundance and manifestation of what their original code/Pearl indicated through their life journey on earth.

It is after this phase of manifestation that we could see tangible links and connectivity in collective reality, and what appeared disconnected, suddenly reappear as huge Light House, or a City of Light, regrouping a light beings/ residents of pure heart and neutral estate.

And what might have been a Spiritual Icons, speakers, and soul Groups will diminish suddenly.
If Covid-19 was a one level of program to shake up fear out of human system and make us ask; what am I build of?

The next challenging levels are its way. The truth is Unity of Consciousness and all is One, yet the higher frequency band we collective journey into, the harder it is to hold on darkness, shadow, fear, doubt, self- importance.
In ocean, water tastes the same everywhere. Heaven is sameness of everything, that is love, that is God.

The Knowing is just a momentary agreement that mind gives to a defeat and stretch a millimetre that we collectively composing on our Human race, and that never fully satisfied. Trough our human stories, we know, people are burnt on sticks when one announced truth or act of liberation. Women burnt as witches, Galileo was imprisoned by telling earth is round and not flat!

And through beginning of time, darkness have been using weak minds, in the name of power and safety creating governments and puppets to serve untrue for centuries.

To join the rest of creation, galaxies, we need to fully stop feeling separated or superior to other. Perceiving life as it is, UNITY.

Trust your heart, trust your relationship with Divine Self and no matter how surrealist your reality looks like, remember this is the peak of NEW EARTH frequency Birth.

Reach to your highest inner expression, by delving to your deepest human emotion of love, compassion, gratefulness, devotion, passion for beauty, fairness, innocence and pass those level and fall into unknown waves of growth and evolution.

The waves of unknown will carry us through December 2021 into magnificent of our hearts songs, whatever you have been calling ,will come to your reality. Stay humble, know everything is a game of duality here, the Source is playing with Source, no role, no person is real. Nothing rules except Unity.

Living life without interior and exterior seems very hard for mind to grasp, but for the heart that knows love, beauty is a poetry of a True Heaven. Nothing to hold on to, except now, except here.

Get used to this, this is New Earth reality and the future of our planet. We are writing the codes by breathing truth, moving upward, breath by breath, ache by ache, holding ourselves as a highest authority and faithfulness to our agreements with the creator of all. No earthy rule exists for lovers of Unity, the heart purity bind us to One, to each other, to Future of our planet.

Be the strength as we are moving through eyes of storm, into Building phase of our HOME, New Earth belongs to lovers of God.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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2 thoughts on “Ascension Article – Nov 2021”

  1. Thank you ❤

    I must say that my reality feels unreal, or surreal, from time to time.

    Which is quite interesting, this feeling of moving in and moving out of … something!

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