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The genius of the Creator is the underlying of our current transcendental sequences within Life Holographic Design on Earth and our galaxy.

The strong waves of solar flare, Human Design upgrade of DNA, Earth electromagnetic transformation and upgrade, ascension of consciousness through vibration and dimensional realities all connected to an unseen Geometric blueprint that we are opening up to see and to a level understand its development through heart centre. Still for human mind to bypass its self- centre identity and short sighted ignorance of duality, it will require more of rise in frequency of collective consciousness.

Change is inseparable component of life system design on Earth and physical reality. Currently many spiritual teachers and leaders speaking of our true nature, being here, in Now, pure  Consciousness, telling us to move from fear and control base choices into heart central acceptance of life as it is, allow Divine will through synchronicity and potential of presence, brings the New Earth vibrational reality into form. Our DNA from carbon base structure has upgraded to a crystal light design. All these are true however it is also important to not replace one belief with another.  Moving from one identity and projection to another one will not resolve the fundamental disharmony that currently manifested on this planet in form of Violence, lack, separation and suppression.

Unity Consciousness is a like a blank page of universe that  Divine Organization first energetically and then physical will shape. ( Geometry Blueprint of Life System, human System, Universal System).

Our mind still in midst of all these energy upgrades and constant unveiling of what it is, takes us back to limited vision and version of freedom, while now with more of souls coming to awaken state, our cells in our bodies, can vibrates to a much higher tune of Life frequency and spiral of Harmonic song of one, which currently echoes in more advanced galaxies and has had assembled new design of life systems and New advanced Entity and generates pure force of Life which is Mother of Freedom codes that currently we receive as activation.

To grasp that the universe and creation as we knew and understood no longer can be practiced or used in the coming months and years might be even shocking to our human system. To walk on this planet bare without a face and identity, in a state of pure innocence and surrender is the beginning of SEEING Heaven on Earth.

Every level of Divine Organization will  integrate and come to its completion through frequency bands and spiral sequences that  keeps purifying and perfecting. The template is a fluid light design, the appearance is a geometric like other elements in our universe, it is spinning, vibrating, expanding and floating in timeless.

Now through our new DNA upgrade and loss of mind, we can see the truth of life.

To see our universe as a foetus growing in womb of Universal Mother in a far more complex  connectivity, as we are not really born yet into what we truly are. Our human science still blinded to this huge upgrade in our life system that is taking place rapidly since 2012. We are formless Entities with high consciousness  that birthing the UNITY MATRIX which is the SPACE of Future of Galactical CRYSTALLINE CIVILIZATION.

Our daily movement, millimetre by millimetre, going through waves, physical symptoms, witnessing the loss of mind and receiving activation through Heart centre, currently restructuring our human lives into new GALECTICAL Human Design communities.

We no longer slaved to our thought and human emotions, yet in pure neutrality, we observe them as they rise, experienced and disappear.

Being a witness is not the same as being indifferent, in witness estate, we are at our highest alignment with the creator while being indifferent is part of ego reality and much lower frequency that bonds us to separation and numbness of awareness.

We are restructuring the frequency bands of WEB of LIFE on earth, as our human emotions are like a box of matches, we can build a warm fire that benefits us or we can burn forests and end lives by using it careless.

By following our Heart Voice, Monad/ Mother soul continues communicate the blue print of our essence and designated  sequences. Each awake soul is destined to become a completed Note within harmonic Song of our Universe.  The completion of our sequences, creates Spirals of geometry stabilized energy infused by pure light/devotion to the creator.

When a Human body/ avatar complete all sequences of spiral bands of her soul within all dimensional frequency realties, their position on physical earth, will be a Huge Force Generator along with Gaia electromagnetic field for SEEDING of New Earth consciousness. also connecting Earth keepers guardians, locally and globally, all linked to Magnetic FREQUENCY HOLDER ( Mothership of ONE) for that country(s), locations and continents, to support the completion of UNITY MATRIX WEB, in Now experience of Earth and all livings.

This process might take a month or a year for one soul to perceive, for other might be years. This is not a process to be understood by mind, it comes with SPACE and SEEING all in Neutrality.

No one in awaken process know how all these works, in our own observation and flow within, we recognise small part of the design and patterns of happening which are rooted in the new frequency in our body * Heaven on Earth*. and as it keeps getting faster and stronger.

So far 2021 has been a year( for first wave of forerunners) into bringing the frequency in the physical Body/ Avatar, transmitting and holding it long enough for Others ( All Human Avatars designed to receive Consciousness upgrade ) to enter the frequency and have their own experience and sequences of souls. This is what we discussed in our last article as unity matric conception.

It has become more clearer now how between two points of pendulum, (time and timeless, manifested and unmanifested) we swing to reboot the mind into Zero ( non- judgmental mind of the Creator)  and stay in moment while waves of synchronicity life move or anchor us physically.

When all Higher Self bands of a Soul comes to full activation and reach to their highest possible Octave of Frequency, their soul blueprint lighten up and their energy band no longer changes, however their human realties and experiences still can change due to play of Ego, if the mind activity begins.

If the frequency band stabilize and neutralise its design, blueprint of Soul begins the new higher sequencies that lead to  birth of New Entity/ Beings ( Crystalline Heart ) in alignment and support of  NEW EARTH Templates and Galactical Future.

Any time through these process of purification, stabilization and anchoring NEWEarth Unity Matrix, we as collective consciousness might have a set back due to 3D and 4D human population which still very much linked to separation and fear.

We might feel stuck in certain energy loop and happening, events or a place,  relationship or even aloneness due the fact, we are all connected. And in time, keeping the web of light and neutrality is much easier to say than to be achieved energetically, as manifested reality is never equal or supportive to our true vibration especially for first waves and forerunners, as they are the ones have to reach to ceiling of the frequency bands and maintain it for others to follow and then collectively that band is sealed and NEW Earth Frequency is regulated, then the next point and the sequences follow their spiral orders into restructuring and so on till the energy arrives to physical reality and move us one step closer to Birth of One FOUNDATION.

This energy of Earth ONE FOUNDATION in time will unite with the Galactical Plasma and birth a NEW Field ( Foetus ) of Energy and seed  that link our Galaxy to Other Galaxies.

If you focus on your breath, you notice its sounds, duration and speed all has changed over time that your avatar has become activated and in service of Unity. This is also the same for Earth as a star. This change of breathing has interconnectivity with consciousness expansion and transcendental penetration currently is taking place as collective ascension.

By change of Prana and Chi, we become more of PRESENCE Embodiment and container of  “Divine Will “ that moving us to birth of what we truly are. It seems funny when we are 50 something years old, had childhood, adulthood, experienced process of growth and even for many fatherhood and motherhood, was told you are not even born !!  And this is that moment of awakening for us to see that we are not our bodies, we are a crystal fluid structure forever breathing, reshaping and dance in holograms and songs.

And what so far we accepted as Human life and stories, is a just few dots on this boundless ocean of whiteness. And more important, we can continue to be here in now, without believing things. Breathing in now is the infinite map of our universe and entry to power, we named it love.

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