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Unity Matrix Conception -Nov 2021 Frequency Update

The dream of free life reclaims all our devotion to the source at this stage of Ascension. After months and years and eras in throat of time, we are at entry point of GREAT Happenings within Heart of The Creator.

Grasping and understanding what is really taking place, is almost impossible for mind.  To the best we can stay fully in present and SEE as divine will waves moving the entire galaxy, solar system, earth planet and all livings into something completely different, known and experienced as a human body and mind.

It felt more useful in this article and post, to have a content and hopefully it assist to recognition of current waves of Divine Will in Birth of New Earth Reality.

Where are we Now? Unity matrix Conception

Since January 2020, we have entered in a new Galactic Light Zone where the beating of our Crystal Dimond Heart ( Unified Heart) and the signature codes ( Blue Print of our souls , Solo and Group) is birthing  a complete NEW ORBITS of frequency bands on earth and human vessels.

 As humanity perception  expand and neutralise at awaken observant, through collective force/Divine Will ( Diamond Heart Centre)   waves of creation moves from ( seed of Vision/ Divine Matrix Template ) into physical containment ( Life), then collectively with every choice of Truth/Love/ Light, it purifies the frequency bands and release lower ones, to unlock our inner codes of multidimensional soul blueprint that we are, in a harmonious theme with the rest of our galaxy and future encounters with other form of life/ galaxies.

The complete Shift/ Ascension of HUmanity into living from HEART Centre and perceive fully the NEwEarth vibrational reality and experience the HEAVEN of EARTH will be around 200  Earthy years period which holds at least 7 Transition periods and that is also not fully confirmed as it is very much depends on how gemotrical templates of New earth shape through collective choices we make.

The group of Soul seeds, that are called forerunners and Frequency Stabilizers in current Ascension, are power point of Divine Organization that consciously or somehow unconsciously  ( Of NEW EARTH Blue print Templates) have been activated somehow over the last 30 years, some even enter this time and space with full knowledge of their participation in  Collective Ascension.  Their role and locations in relation with the whole program of Ascension, their physical body, location, ratio of Divine Will embodiment has kept their journey on Earth in a fluid timelessness, which through stages receive inner activation codes/ mission, guidance, data, higher perspective to see through time and space.

January 2021 brought a deeper cleansing for forerunner group and depends on their role and abilities of soul, their physical reality, body, relations with humans and other awake beings, all began into reshaping. Some souls became more stabilize in their role as ( gridworkers, gatekeepers, broadcasters, teachers,…), some others has moved deeper into Monad God and the Source, with less and less interest to outer reality.

 They physical bodies might have experienced further symptoms as their process of Embodiment  has jumped one level higher and it is specific to this soul groups their human mind burns and dissolves fully within Divine mind and now that collective moving forward and upward in frequency, their vessels become the Embodiment of The Presence and their wholeness moves inward to fully Merge with Divine Will, as their body is surrogate/ Universal Mother in this rebirth of FREQUENCY BANDS of NewEarth.

Everything is taking place according to Divine Timing.

All already exist  in formless womb of creation / Divine Mind before birth and arrival in physical life.

 Consciousness also moves through stages of pregnancy and gravidity. Everything in life system designed to go through stages and levels.

Some Mother consciousness beings, centralized as Mother Data Chip, linked to a land/country/latitude for the rest of their physical reality, as their heart now is a Generator/Manifester of New Earth physical realities. They are the emptiness of creation, so divine will works through them as a Manifestor MAGNET and direct all components of New Earth Template into a holographic pattern, prepared to be delivered in time and space.

This illumination, in combination with emptiness of personal/human data, allows more of divine will embodies in their vessel and by end of 2021/22 these beings will be in state of Full PRESENCE of One, positioned like pins across Global for the next stage of rebirth of New Earth Civilization, which due to its energy link with purification of collective consciousness, hard to recognise its timeline at the moment.

Imagine, in human pregnancies, a baby-to-be isn’t considered a fetus until the 9th week after conception. The embryonic period is all about the formation of important systems of the body.

Newearth template develops from an Embryo to Fetus through development and expansion of Consciousness  of these forerunner souls (Cells).

Prior 2020, their role were still linked to their physical human story, but around that time, the new program of Divine Organization has become activated that in result forerunner cells reprogrammed and re – structured.

Part of this re- position  is in support of transformation  in electromagnetic fields of Earth and its fertility to held the collective vibrational upgrade for coming years and how planet earth continues to harmonise with the rest of solar system and Milky way consciousness.

Now these vessels has to maintain the highest Heaven on Earth Frequency band/ zero point in their Consciousness as FETUS of CRYTALLINE CIVILIZATION and at the same time going deeper into Heart of One,  and while their consciousness constantly expands through observant state, the vibration of their physical heart creates  a Sphere/ Disk of Light frequency, like a protection shield of light that covers the entire planet energetically, like earth atmosphere and continues to characterized New Earth Templates like a Universal Mother, birthing major organs/templates of the fetus, function developments, and shaping anatomical locations. While through Umbilical Cord with Milky Way, the fetus is fed by higher Vibrational Consciousness, until the full embodiment of NewEarth Templates.

2022 is the arrival of this Anatomical locations/Embodiment of NEWEarth Consciousness.

In another word, assembly time. 😊

New Earth Galactical Paradigm – Crystalline Civilization

When the greatest mystery is no longer a mystery, when the secret of lifetimes is unveiled, the game of time has no longer influence a free mind.

The NewEarth is a stage for such a happening. Truth can never be told, or taught, the physical reality is just a plain screen, for projection, reflection and play after play, it  has a limitation to hold the totality of truth, and that is why so many life times it takes for a soul to begin remembrance, feeling her true nature, shedding all extras. however, this world of matter is the sole  passage to cross over to the land of Spirit.

Now, we are given an opportunity to surf with the Source as United One. The next level for Earth and Humanity is a collective perception of Be-ing a purified Galactical reality, in full connectively with beyond all our knowing in our human stories.

This could only be perceived and become manifested if we fully surrender to process of Ascension and allow the Experience and the Experiment of our multidimensional power of creation as a UNIT of ONE.

The souls currently on earth and years to come are agreed to collaborate as Divine Free Agent, to experience a new level of evolution which never experienced before in Human form.

to willingly play along with the Creator and Gaia to enter a new peaceful state of life and existence in form of New Earth physical vibrational reality which in process will birth  Crystalline Civilization which are the guardians of our solar system and Galaxy. This will be the first step toward Galactical embodiment and merge with the rest of galaxies.

This reform and upgrade will take many years to really appear in an understandable  set up for majority of human  avatars  papulation on our planet, nevertheless, awaken souls and forerunners are currently experiencing  more of lightness and freedom within their physical avatar, having access to these realm, and as a pointed arrow (Divine Will) in high speed collectively move through layers of frequencies and dimensions per their soul design and blue prints.  

There is no time, in heaven’s establishment, no force, no boss or leaders as such.

This Level of creation could only come from absolute freedom in the Heart, full devotion to The Source of All.

Energy Update – The Wormhole and coming month November 2021

The frequency cleansing and going through layer by layer intense energy has been high the last few days.

At some points seems these loops of infusion never stops, physical symptoms experience of heat, dizziness, blur eye sight, also huge emotional waves from old human wounds, collectively as well as individual human history. It has been heavy lifting to keep the frequency high and stay detach from outer reality.

We are moved to meet ourselves deeper, in complete transparency and honesty, like as we let go collectively part of our individual gifts return in remembrance. The gifts that might be in transition or new development to become fully in service of soul and free of all ego desires, attachment of doing and being significant.

Body feels softer and opened more into magic of unknown. Some of us might feel headache, eyes ache, dryness, blur and tingle in nerve system in back and front of head, all preparation to perceive new realties. Our wholeness is pulled into pressure cooker of Divine Will. Deeper surrendering is asked to honour inner guidance and stand Alone, ALL One.

The rest of October might not be much of new reality manifestation, still more of dissolvement of old paradigm or release of old connections and relations that asks for lower frequency loops. Today feels the highest peak of this stretch and release.

Resting and being in silence is effective to balance physical and emotional side of this new operational system replacement in our Human Avatars.

November begins with a fast spin of Wormhole on 4th November, by then body will be ready to fully release all lower links to physical reality of 3D and 4D and release illusional attachment to all stories of human journeys. The closer we get to end of the year, the more we feel disturb or out of alignment through our individual choices. We no longer can give away our force of Divine Will to smaller Self of Ego. Emotional turbulences immediately manifest through unwanted happening and distractions. Or it surface as physical pain in an organ to stop us from any human bypass and numbing.

It feels new lens is placing in collective witness and observant to assist our expansion and openness to receive abundance and nurturing of soul unity.

November is a month of remembrance of Soul Blueprint, choosing from intuition, to shape our personal expression in the coming together phase of NewEarth manifestation that begins in 2022.

It might brings some instability through some quick changes, travel, divine intervention.

The highlight of this month is rest in Divine Self, it feels the waves of transformation will be strong and density of frequencies that we experienced in October, finally stabilizing again and take us collectively into a higher ground. We are prepared to allow borders of our lives reshape according to Divine Will and might be some confusion and disorientation till mid- November while the Wormhole gate is open and some shedding is going on. Toward the end of the month, we collective can experience more of Heaven breeze if we allowed the New Frequencies emanating without old mind, emotion  and thought return.

First group of forerunner will birth new realties in their immediate physical experiences, magical and fast. Soul blueprint is fully active now as a pure receiver and divine timing will brings new seeds of creativity and joy in as heart demands through power of innocence.

For others, release of lower human emotion like collective fear, anger, aloneness will be strong till frequency template stabilize through  forerunners for a crossing over Rainbow Bridge into more space for collective alchemy.

For now till end of the year, many people ( not awake) require clearing and release of layers of lower frequencies, so it will be more intense experience /work on awaken soul communities to balance this transition.

A new level of Masculine embodiment is in process within collective consciousness, which will link to Universal Mother Feminine in coming weeks and months. This is the beginning is Crystalline Civilization unity program which is replicate of Other Galaxies Unity of Sexes that has nothing to do with romantic, twinflame and any other human experienced love and companionship.

This is embodiment of Innocence love, new experience, it is  neutralised as The Source I AM LOVE.

 In this coming together, a new harmonic song will be created, a template for future unification of masculine and feminine principals on Newearth Reality.

How it will develop and expand, will depends on the collective ascension, as pure peace frequency bands are required to fully birth and manifest the UNION as a Seed of Crystalline Civilization and Galactical paradigm.

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