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Harmonic Universal Sound, Heaven on Earth Reality -Sept -Oct 2021 Update

September brought the gift of final stabilization of Frequency of Heaven on Earth through Guardian  Host Avatars which currently holding the Unity Matrix Template Design within their Human Bodies.

We are in first cycle of rebirth and restructure of Crystalline Civilization and all souls assigned to be part of this Transcended consciousness which we call Collective Ascension, are coming ON LIVE within their frequency bands that linked to a specific  Mother Board Consciousness, Holographic Template.

This means, within this Holographic Template (which is the first Purified Template in UPGRADE of our Planet, Milky way and Galaxy consciousness  to harmonious with advanced  Galaxies), we no longer experience change in frequency and realties as before. We moving forward and all old ties are released and cleared, if any lower energy connection and relation re -appears, consciously receive it with love and release it with love.

Now, awaken avatars, where ever we are positioned within this newearth blueprint and templates working in co-creation with the source, our crystalline Heart Centre begin vibrating in alignment with Original Harmonic Universe.

This is a huge Unity activation within  us ( wakens) and of course formless Unity Matrix and might take few more linear weeks or months for its deliverance into form.

Now by just observing, we can easily perceive the happening and closeness in time, to witness THE HAPPENING.

 With each wave of Cosmos and solar flux, electromagnetic fields of Earth and Atoms of  our Human Cells, create a harmonic sound which is part Holographic Mother Board ( Consciousness of the Manifest-or ), the Guardian Host Avatars carry the highest Octave of One, God’s Head, so through their Crystalline  heart the first Harmonic Universal Sound moves from formless into form, by each breath and neutral state ( Zero point), the frequency harmonize with surrendering, which is contain of 3D humans, realities, elementals, sacred sites and lands that are assigned to them.

After 22nd September and Equinox, we collectively received a huge shift which many now able to perceive the New Earth reality and sense the crossing over Rainbow Bridge threads across the planet.

What this really means? At Energetic level, heart has moved to a higher and purifier alignment with Source of all and seeds of synchronicity of Divine Will  begins to flow into our daily life, effortless and specific. In this specific, freedom codes are coming to full activation, to keep us collectively at a certain Frequency  wave length ( Where mind is silent and stillness is constant) to move us layer by layer into Creation Phase of New Earth.

Each layer ( Rays)  in this dimensional movement contains Harmonic Universal codes,  Mother board Consciousness linked to a Stargate location on Gaia, a Guardian Host Avatar,  Blue Ray Master Builder(s), Evolved Light beings as Broadcasters, teachers of Ascension, light House keepers and communities ( 3D,4D).  There is no separation in consciousness and as purer the frequencies become, the more of Original Sound will be delivered into Physical reality through Collective ascended.

From October 2021, all takes place effortless otherwise, the inner frequency bands are not stabilized in co -creation with The Source and individual and avatar should allow more inner space to release all lower frequencies and that keeps the rest of collective into moving to the next level.

So everything now is about CHOICES, we have become MASTERS of Frequencies and in process of a EMBODIMENT of Crystalline Civilization to Receive and Know I AM GOD in its true power and meaning.

Being in Present, is the only reality and acceptance of all is the key to stay with these new waves that began since September Equinox.

It is like that the Newearth blueprint is completed in its full transfer and activation from formless( Spirit, Divine Mind) into form ( physical reality) and each point of power ( Divine Will flow in Awake Beings )will stabilize and expand in one point on the Newearth Holographic, its creation is linked directly to every choice we make as awake Avatars.

Perceiving our beings as self-less, humbled and obedience of Divine Will is truth of this happening, as we are Not the knower or the doer of any part of this.

The world of matter is at the palm of the ones that flow as One with synchronicity life and allow the music of heart echoes in their every choice, step, and breath.

The coming few weeks ( Mid October) energy continues to rise and listening to mind solutions and offering will become even more dramatic. It will be like a container of bliss that also might not be easy to sometimes as heart rhythm in our bodies is changing and even drop of fear, control, untrue part cause a lot of inner turbulence, and it is time to collectively shift our perception into Newearth and stop bouncing back into old and repeated cycles and loop of lower realities.

Be brave to stand All ONE, AL-ONE. Observing inner landscapes while all seeds of creations are coming in order for MAGNIFICIENT arrival in our relaities, wherever we are in our Journey on Earth, now is the moment to meet ourselves from EYES of One and let it happen.

Whatever wants to come to us, has been building in formless for eras, we are the Mother & Father of New Consciousness, freedom is our child.

Hold and perceive all experiences Divinely orchestrated, all equal, all worthy, all in service of Collective Ascension.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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