New Earth, poetry, vision

NewEarth Riddle…

September is the month of reconnection with heart… may these words lighten yours, in union with the Creator of all.


Ah my handsome lover,

No one plays the strings of  my heart

So magically, like you do.

I wish all hearts knew you

As I do!

The disappeared one in your silent beauty.


“Since Centuries ago,

We have listened to all talks, some small and some big,

Some carry wisdoms, some echo of a hallow drum!

We, the elders of earth, walked in dark corners.

 Faced monsters, shadow and battlefields of truth seeking.

Where no one volunteers to cross the thorn paths of awakening,

In search of divine rose garden.

Daggers and knives cut through our human flesh,

wounds of betrayal, abandonment, cruelty, tyranny, became our reality.

Brainwashed and seduced by manufactured brands

of religion, spirituality, even collective ascension

all made and bottled remedies, labelled and infused

by untrue mortal kings, queens, and queers.

We lost our innocence.

The injection of untrue in veins of our hearts

Brought collective insomnia,

Hypnotised by talk shows, broadcasts, performers, icons, and leaders.

In the heart of God, something cried out… just a tone, a syllable,

an intention born.

It was the moment, in recreation of earth energy hologram,

something insignificant seeded, a desire for new possibilities,

 in time it grew into a Coral tree with bolt of lightning.

While most human avatars were grouping to appear

 unified in the illusion of the world

Few others saw a magical lightening coming to earth.

A path opened, leading to a hidden gate,

Inside nothingness.

A small child was playing hide and seek

with the rainbow and colourful butterflies

in front of the door.

The heart pilgrim ended there,

In her silent gaze

While her soft fingers gifted us, a rose bud.

We, the elders of earth,

Fall into boundless of love,

Touched by magic from beyond.

We lost ourselves as we knew,

Our hearts expanded into a spinning sun,

Tears of consciousness ocean,

Our diamond blood.

Our bodies, empty of knowing,

an open road linked to Milky way.

Head, seeing all, in vision of heaven

Feet, rooted in soil of earth.  

Ah, my handsome lover,

Your Silver moon bended in joyful dance

to reach the sun in our hearts,

stars with their giggle and laughter,

made a sparkling tent above,

while everything pulsing and breathing on earth

joined the music

the song of glorified union

in dream of one, awake.

Hand in hand

With golden child of heaven,

Daisy in her hair and smile

Pure and powerful

That could re- birth the innocence.

A wind blowed,

accompanied with six wing bearers’ creatures,

Lighter than white,

Circled around the child.

 With her last smile,

A miracle took place,

All buds bloomed at the same time,

 in our palms.

Before we understand,

The wing bearers ’were disappeared,

so was she?!

We, the elders of earth, never returned to the world,

To our known life.

Although our bodies still on earth,

Our lives transcended into the bloomed roses,

We became the Mother of NewEarth.

Birthing Heaven on earth.”


Ah my handsome lover,

It is just a riddle, not even a poem!

An excuse for my mad heart

To remember our encounter,

In knowing, that I know Nothing.

All wisdoms of your creation

Is hidden

In a simple rose.

Words by Serena Devi

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