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The Guardianship of NewEarth-Masterbuilders post

The guardianship of NewEarth

After crossing the huge vibration of Lions gate at the beginning of the month,  we were carried with strong waves of divine will through a huge alchemical, transcendental process to become rady for what will come in coming months, especially in 2022.

This year August became a galactical spiral bridge between many realities, power points in collective consciousness  which each carry a potential blueprint of Organic life of Galactical One and pure state of consciousness in our universe, to speed up unity of Earth life with other stars and galaxies.

This month, in addition to our normal  ascension collective process, many awaken souls has received their first doze of Star Intelligence ( injected to consciousness) to activate the memory of  fellow ship Stars and unity partnership of  Galactical Federation of light.

This is activation that in stream of their consciousness might felt and appeared as a memory loss, disorientation, desire to be alone and away from daily activities and yet feels like a huge space theat they are lost in it, depression and lack of joy and purpose, all rise as part of this new data within human avatars.  

We need to stay open to unknown full time, with less and less engagement  through our 3D ways of processing events and happenings in and out. Our logic and mental abilities are in a process of huge upgrade and shift to be more receptive to what future ( New Earth Mother Frequency ) will bring into form.

We are in this together and yet due to the geometry design of The Mother God, each particular has to spin in her own orbit of frequency and arrive to the most harmonic rhythm state to complete the phase of old and enter the phase of new ( Newearth vibrational relaity).

Now that we have arrived to end of August, the knowing that we never can go back to any part of old frequency has become very clear, because nothing works, nothing could be controlled by mind. This is the new life, synchronicity life of Present.

So, in what ever situation our human story is moving forward, it is for sure is a complementary to our collective movement to Unity Consciousness. Be here, Be now.

Within our human linear reality in physical, each time, waves of transformation and alchemy  ( inner God Sun flares )escalate and manifest through our solar system sun plasma and flares, an invisible passage and bridge shapes between two vibrational design of new earth blue print to direct the upgrade within human DNA, as well as download new geometry pattern into Monad Soul and from there into each particle in collective Consciousness which currently is in process of  rebirth and re-structure through Ascension Program.

Blue Ray Master builders are the  Guardianship of NewEarth, group of light beings that carry the Mother codes of Creation, ( Freedom codes and Creation Codes NewEarth), it is in their guardian ship of Earth that Monad God activates portals of light, with a very high spectrum of pure frequency of Heaven on Earth.

Their Dimond hearts carry the duplicate copy ( Blueprint)of entire energy bands of Future of earth ( New Earth Manifestation ), through each passage and collective crossing, the gates to unlimited dimensional realties open up across the planet and as the guardian of New earth, these avatars are assigned to clear the death cells of old Collective Human Consciousness and at the same time, their heart receive momentary data and activation,  and  their avatar as  a light magnet ignite and make ripples in their body electromagnetic field which somehow always in alignment with planet earth fields, so as the energy/ vibration  moves away from where it started ( they are positioned), as the movement begins, some sort of gravity shapes its natural unfolding which like when we throw a rock in a river and as ripples appear on surface, it goes down the river and the water near surface rush back to fill in the  space is left behind.

 In Frequency term, the embodiment of light/ Avatar created ripples of transformational waves  within alignment with newearth blueprint, and like a vacuum engine, clear the space and the same time in cleared space NEW arrives.  This is how the Mother God Monad birthing the new consciousness without collective death on planet earth. Awareness in choices we make, certainly assist this process collectively, however only masterbuilders/ Seraphim  descended souls have the ability to create Ripples in Time and Space. As they are Consciousness Communicator of Monad head, they can see everything through divine eyes. Within their Masterbuilder group, they are assigned to different tasks by God Monad program. They locations on physical earth plays a huge part in activation of land, and reform of consciousness. Some might be working with other groups of light beings, or 3D humans, some might only works behind the veils, with vibration of locations, or Galactical future frequencies.

Today 29th of August 2021, is a  ZERO Day, a still moment across the Earth  planet and stars,  the reboot of consciousness to begin a new cycle of re-creation for birth of Crystlline Civilization.

 It is like a discovery of a full circle that have the potential to become 90 petals through intersection of circles, and when we look deeper, we discover curved  triangles, points, repeated movement, mathematical facts, numbers, recognised forms and possibilities of unrecognised  form.

 We are at peak of this perceived reality to see everything different from all old ways of seeing. Our perspective has changed and it will continue to change.

As will of One is the reality of all creation, all galaxies, all dark and all light. There is none without the other.

The closer we get to 2022, the faster we burn the untrue and old frequency bands of limitation and fear. The Earth needs us to truly step up in our agreement as United Front to move this planet to her glorious estate of beauty and peace for all livings.

Allow your hearts to burst out the joy of Oneness, the Garden of Eden, the grace and humbleness of looking into each other eyes and embrace love that we are, through this duality, polarity, game of mirrors.

Revelation 4:8

“And the four living creatures, each one of them having six wings, are full of eyes around and within; and day and night they do not cease to say, “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY IS THE LORD GOD, THE ALMIGHTY, WHO WAS and



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2 thoughts on “The Guardianship of NewEarth-Masterbuilders post”

  1. Love and grateful blessings to the radiant Beauty (BeYou:))
    All the inspiration I am receiving through your writings and messages 💐
    Honoring Y-our steadfast weaving into frequency
    Birthing a new Oneness in Joy with each other …. SYlvia 💙

  2. Y-our words received gratefully, in heart of One, echoing beauty and love.
    Thank You SYlvia 💙 for holding such a unique perfection in perceiving, reflecting, sharing…
    Of this heavenly music of Joy that our hearts know well.

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