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Energy Update- New Earth Expansion July/ Lions Gate 2021

It is here, the ground of unlimitedness of our human avatars.  The magnetic shift into new unified organic cosmos.

July 2021 are preparing our inner space to receive the unified neutralised electromagnetic (web of light ) to infuse and carry the  New Earth quantum energy as pure crystalline plasma workframe.

While the July Getaway is opening till 29th July, we, human avatars also preparing along the planetary expansion to jump into a higher pace in physical purification and crystalline and come into alignment to the next huge waves through Lionsgate passage.

Current physical experiences in our human bodies might be hard and over whelming as these new integration pretty much does three action in one go, clearing, planting new seed and frequencies and activating our DNA with new frequencies.

Exhaustion, confusion, stagnant, loss of memory, increase in emotional swing, chronic physical pain in the body structure, bones, major cleansing in digestive system and organs, all part of the major physical clearing and dissolvement of old cells of memory intertwined in physical body, to neutralise the body for a new life which activation of freedom codes will attracts and brings into manifestation as effortless as possible.

On 22nd July a major collective cleansing took place and another layer of lower frequencies dissolved.

We are in UNCONDITIONAL Divine experiences and it is not an easy movement, either our bodies adopt to this higher purified light and frequencies and end all of our human auto pilot , ego process and undercover agendas(, so the new frequencies and solar waves could assist the continues of life system in the body )or the Monad Soul will call in the soul into a recycle of consciousness for the next sequence in physical. The choice is our willingness to be space of love, unified and total.

Collective consciousness is rising higher and higher as we getting closer to lions gate passage. Starseeds linked to Sirius are at its highest for the ones working with lands, locations, gates and grids. Master builders council will receive new templates and possibility of relocation to assist in stabilizing the harmonic octave of New Earth Mother Board. The continues of energy works and shift in frequencies will continue till mid- August 2021, after lions gate. From then till end of September, we have to expect to witness some happening and events at global and cosmos scale which brings our collective consciousness closer to release and activation of all freedom codes in physical light bodies.

The galactic dimension is currently having the most dominating octave in Divine Harmonic  symphony and aligned starseeds are receiving visions of future on Earth as activation sign, to allow this new space of peace, freedom, unconditional through higher soul chakras  and within the body chakras ( root and sacral) so the marriage of Earth and Sky takes place and birth the physical ground for higher voltage frequencies within Avatars.

This shift in our physical avatars need to take place  before the building phase of New Earth template comes to activation which depends on the individual soul position in Ascension system and design might be now or the coming years.

Being patient with the body, as all physical symptoms and physical pain are indicating the detox of old embedded lower self and Gaia’s  frequencies and cells and invitation to unified all part through unconditional love.

Following inner guidance on how to relate with physical body and what choices we make on daily basis to maintain inner and outer balance is important Some might feel more balanced in nature, others might really need to rest and stay indoor. Keeping mind free is the key point, the final days of July will set us into a new cycle in our physical avatars. We are experiencing death as well as rebirth in physical aspect.  

The waves of frequency coming are changing colours and length as we purifier in our collective consciousness, so body also require a new preparation for the coming waves and aligned activities.

The first wave ( earth age group between 50 – 65 Years) are really facing the choice of staying in physical or leave, unless they allow this physical transformation at their deepest cellular level, especially female avatars, as they also birthing the Mother Frequency of Divine Organization on earth.

The Male Avatars  of this wave group experience most transformation in their heart, as women bodies has to open up for the next phase embodiment of Golden Template/ Frequencies of new earth, men has to anchor the golden light in their physical heart, together this soul groups will bring the first Template of NEW Earth into physical dimension, the birth of the Vision.

And shortly after new sequences will begins, that reset light communities and tribes, new collaborations, new earth projects and also merge of Star Councils as part of Divine organization. Follow this new step up, new relocations and movements of Gatekeepers and Master builders will shape in coming months, ( September and October) around countries and cities that have a permanent Mother Ship above them.

 Some Avatars experience a change  in their missions and rules as this shift has a huge collective energy upgrade when the its sequences put into motions, the waves of gravity are so strong that bodies have no choice but follow their calling. September indicates the timeline of huge happenings across the planet, by collective as well as the planet collaboration, around 2225 September 2021.

Be ready to move, to flow in a different stream, new collaboration, relocation. Be ready for change in body, new shape and appearance, abilities and magical gifts. Trust only yourself. The world is an inner understanding and focus on inner transformation and expansion. The rest of this year our individual choices hugely has an impact on our collective experiences.

Peace and love

Seraphim joy Foundation

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