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UNity Matrix/ 2021 Outlook Podcast

2021 began with absolute new design, Carrying an underlaying of a new frequency design for New Earth and awaken soul communities in alignment with One Foundation, Oneness of All, Embodiment of the Source in time and space.

In  our perceived reality as outer world, two different events is taking place. One is personal, Witness state and individual movement of awaken souls on earth, daily happening, unfolding of vibration and transformation across the earth shows a birth of a completely new order and flow in divine design for each human upgrade from 5 sensory to multidimensional existence, align to their chosen perspective, believes, and frequency spectrum.

and the other one, is support of Collective Consciousness in quantum jumps between timelines, in constant change in possibilities between formless and form. In 2020, a lot of happenings, made us ready to witness  the birth of Unity Matrix which is not just unveil the NEW EARTH templates through Frequency codes but also moves us collectively into Creation phase of Divine light organization.

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