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The Rebirth of Earth Civilization, Ceation Codes/ Seraphim Joy Work – Chapter 3

The Rebirth of Earth Civilization – Creation Codes/ Seraphim Joy Work – Chapter three

Part one

life is constantly seeking to connect with itself—to know itself and grow itself to higher levels of self-recognition. This is the natural flow of human evolution in physical form, as a replica Design  as blueprint of Cosmos, as whole directly of life.

 We collectively have entered this transition to collaborate and re- create our human civilization into a crystalline Civilization. Which follows the coded templates in placed in consciousness, as consciousness and through this inner and outer ebbs and tides of energy and frequencies, we as humanity participate as awaken avatars. As discussed before, the evolution in form follows the unseen blueprint of New Earth design and since 2012, our willingness as species to embrace this new stage of self- realisation which was once enlightenment and now as more beings come to awake stage of self – realization, the program named Collective Ascension.

Seraphim Joy Foundation is a live stream platform as part of Divine Organization, to observe, explore the form/formless connectivity within New Earth Blueprint Frequency templates which gradually  shaping our work as part of Unity Matrix to harmonize, magnetize and anchor Law of One, be a divine operational system to support light tribes and communities while the entire planet is shifting to complete alignment with Cosmos elevation and transformation.

Part of our work is to purify and activate lands through hidden creation and freedom codes stored centuries before this collective upgrade by advanced outer galaxy and other star civilizations.

Sirius frequencies and gates  play an important role in how our physical movements on Earth follow a design to collaborate the transformation of magnetic fields of Earth through our Sun Heart Avatars activations as Now and here is the ultimate reality of all.

Since 2019, as a member of One Foundation, our work with Gaia and countries lands and locations, are localized In Middle East and North Africa.

Seeing through timeless templates of Frequencies,( now, past, future timelines), to understand the stages and steps required for collective remembrance.  To assembly Light houses, shaping light communities, create space and soul-hubs  to facilitate Higher dimensional Galactical, Celestial educational Institutes and organizations  of soul groups and  on pure New Earth land, Soul Educational  Institutes and Centres on the planet.

What appears a Galactic Future, is truly a geometric magnetic disk activation of codes placed in lands ( hysical Earth) and as we gradually  collective choose living by truth of one, our heart centres beginning to transmute a new waves of magnetic frequency ( Pure love and devotion to Creator of All) that comes to accompany Earth in this harmonious and most powerful design of the creator to bring the highest possible dimensional existence into our human  experience. That is why we are the Frontier of Human Nova, to rebirth the Crystalline Civilization.

When individually we connect to this Divine Vision, and remove all ego and mind play, our daily natural flow, take us to where we have to go, to be, to do. But none could be thinking ahead or plan ahead as such, as it is all new and not experienced before, as our individual as well as collective embodiment is happening, divine impulses become stronger and stronger as the crystalline heart broadcasts this octave of New Earth Mother Seed.

We effortlessly fall into Templates and designs of New earth. Join new soul groups, our create certain framework as light offering to all.

The truth is, when heart is the charge, it will be impossible to pull out of the gravity of Divine will. Manifestation would not be possible effortlessly, struggle appears, disharmony, ego and mind becomes active and chaotic. Surrendering to what it is, living in Now, being fully in observant position and yet neither be identified with it, nor control to stay in the neutrality of it.

Life is a music. We are each a song. All expressions of One.  

Part two – TurkeySeraphim Joy Work

Seraphim Joy Foundation is a Light platform placed in Middle East Region, currently in Istanbul/Turkey. Which is connected to a Mother Consciousness Board above Marmara Sea, and Bosphorus.

Our Working for now and coming year is  with lands, elementals, energy of Sun, Sirius,  old civilizations locations, religious sites in the country, to clear, activate and connect the Galactical Future Templates and birth the Galactic Station energetically, so the New earth blue print of Region swing from lower frequency to a neutralize (Zero) position and after 2022, when we collectively and hopefully have maintained the highest frequency of Divine Presence in our avatars,  the geometric  net of Newearth is strong and pure  for abundance codes  to be fully unlocked and flow into our daily experiences, which again means we have jumped into a complete new sphere of Frequencies, collective effortless manifestation of One heart desires.

The old human civilization in Middle East, back to Sumerian timeline, Babylon,  Akkadian, Sassanian,… have buried codes in lands that seems the time has arrived for code breaker, time masters, galactic wizards and frequency activators and stabilizers to visit, collect and active through water.

Our work in this region will include the following lands, countries and region.

Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus.

In Turkey, the following locations and sites so far are observed  as a significant point ( historical, religious)  and linked into Birth of Crystalline Civilization,  either for activation, downloads or upload codes.

Istanbul, both sides. Antalya, Vas, Van, Konya, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Ephesus

Sites: Kaunos, Pedasa Antique City, Patara Antik Kenti (Patara Ancient City), Mount Spil, Mt. Koressos, (The Houseof Virgin Mary),  Boğazkale ( corum), Göbeklitepe (Orencik), Dara Ancient City Cistern, Harran Tarihi Evleri, Tarihi Harran Ulu Cami, Dülübaba Tepesi Kalıntıları, The Citadel of Aleppo ( Syria)

As divine impulses guide us and flow of abundance harmonise our movement into New Earth manifestation, we offer platforms to lightworkers whom are assigned to work with above locations.

Our intention is to walk in present, truthfully as all flows in and out. Nothing is planned and all flows naturally.

In our view, in divine organization, no does exist. No desire for achievement, or performance. We live in full trust and share if it flows in alignment.

It is within our workframe to create a Light house and resident in Istanbul, to support light work in this region for avatars whom are moved through alignment to visit, to stay and travel locally.

We are moving into creation phase of our divine organization, all we are asked is to be aware of what is rooted in heart and what still is played by ego program. Our daily experiences are the best mirror and reflection.

The entry to next phase requires to full transparency within and full devotion to One flow. Month of July 2021 is about this inner balance, which direct our work in physical reality. For some might be a full new active role and others, more into finding the pattern of energy and crystallizing the frequency, so we collectively around Early to Mid -September  are align to make new light collaboration and earthy partnership for New Earth Physical manifestation preparation till end of 2021.

Arrival of 2022, waves of New creation Codes are so strong that either we flight into NEW EARTH full experience  or dissolve in divine will and a coming storm into 3D reality.

Seraphim Joy Foundation

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